Static Podcast: What Game Would You Take to A Deserted Island?

Mini Island with one Palm tree

In this week's episode: What videogame would you take to a deserted island, teeny tiny incremental improvements in tech, is it legal to eat cats and dogs plus Spooky Stories debunked with science.

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In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager, Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams and Mark Serrels from Kotaku Australia.

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    In a desert island situation (providing I have unlimited batteries) I would probably take Pokemon, easy 100+ hours to kill the time.
    Any other JRPG would be good too, just as long lol

    Wasn't this asked the other day with a top 8 list?

    Hello Kitty's Adventure Island - for all the survival tips & ricks

    Fallout 3 (and New Vegas) GOTE's with all the mods?
    Or just Vegas with all the mods...

    Or, if I hated myself, Battletoads :)

    A deck of cards.

    Just play solitaire for half an hour and someone will tap me on the should to say, "You missed a move."

    Last edited 11/08/16 11:21 am

    I would take a loaded gun to play Russian roulette by myself as i would win sooner or later.
    There is no power on an island so you cant play any video games, and most other games are more enjoyable playing with others.

      Agreed. Even if I took a 3DS to an island, I have nothing to charge it with. I can't plug it into a tree.

      So maybe some kind of solar-powered desalination device that turns sea water into drinking water? I'd turn that into a game somehow, probably pee in it to see what happens.

    Stranded Deep of course!!

    Minecraft to test out ideas before I implement them IRL.

    If the implication is that I'll be supplied with everything I need to run the game on this island, then Elite Dangerous + VR would do me for a good long time :P

    Otherwise if we only get electricity... hm. I think a handful of Guitar Hero games could work quite well, always got that score attack to go for. They've probably been the biggest time sinks for me of all the games I've played, they're not really as finite in length as something like Metroid Prime or whatever so can last a good long while.

    I don't do incremental updates. If I have a thing and it works, and there is another thing that costs the same amount or more but doesn't offer anything significant over what I already have, then why would I want to waste money on it? I'll wait for something more interesting to come along, and keep with what I already have.

    I would totally try cat or dog. It's all meat, so why not :P

    Hey, short one this week.

    I guess my Dragon Age Origins along with it's current 63 mods...

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