Stop Everything, Sydney Has Pokemon Burgers

Stop Everything, Sydney Has Pokemon Burgers

Hold the fucking phone, people.

It’s only available in Sydney, and it’s only available for a couple of weeks. But if you visit the Sir John Young Hotel, on the corner of Liverpool and George St in Sydney’s CBD, you’ll be able to get some limited edition Pokemon burgers from the Hashtag Burgers Pokeburger Pop-up store.

Here’s their Charmander themed burger:

And don’t worry, Squirtle and Pikachu haven’t been left out.

The burgers will cost you $15 each, which is about standard for premium Sydney and Melbourne burger prices. Thing is, you don’t know which burger you’re getting. It’s a “mystery burger egg”, and you only find out which Pokemon you’ll be stuffing down your face afterwards, which is kind of cool.

There’s even a bright red Charmander burger. Good God.

The Pokeburger Pop-Up store is open from today until September 3. It’s being run by the same team who brought the Down N’Out burger to Sydney, so you might want to line up early. (It’ll be worth it though, if only to make everyone jealous.)


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