Stop Everything, Sydney Has Pokemon Burgers

Image: Hashtag Burgers

Hold the fucking phone, people.

It's only available in Sydney, and it's only available for a couple of weeks. But if you visit the Sir John Young Hotel, on the corner of Liverpool and George St in Sydney's CBD, you'll be able to get some limited edition Pokemon burgers from the Hashtag Burgers Pokeburger Pop-up store.

Here's their Charmander themed burger:

This weeks burger special at @downnout_ is NEXT LEVEL! Follow @downnout_ for more updates ??

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And don't worry, Squirtle and Pikachu haven't been left out.

The burgers will cost you $15 each, which is about standard for premium Sydney and Melbourne burger prices. Thing is, you don't know which burger you're getting. It's a "mystery burger egg", and you only find out which Pokemon you'll be stuffing down your face afterwards, which is kind of cool.

There's even a bright red Charmander burger. Good God.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Ever wondered what a Pikachu tastes like? Us neither but considering we can't catch one to save our lives, were more than happy to let this be as close as we get to having our very own. @hashtag_burgers have just announced that after weeks of experimenting, they will be releasing a limited release of Pokemon burgers at their @downnout_ popup as this weeks special... and they taste every bit as good as we've come to expect from these lads. The Charmander, with its red American cheese and Doritos, is our favourite but they'll all blow you away. Plus they're freakin' adorable! Head to the @downnout_ page for deets and we will see you in line. Gotta catch 'em all! #pokemongo #sydneyfood #fbas

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The Pokeburger Pop-Up store is open from today until September 3. It's being run by the same team who brought the Down N'Out burger to Sydney, so you might want to line up early. (It'll be worth it though, if only to make everyone jealous.)


    This reminds me of those cute puppy cakes. Why would you want to bite into something so cute?

    No bulbasaur veggie burger because that's a crime against meat.

    Welcome, customer. Wartortle it be?

    Last edited 23/08/16 10:35 am

      Some of the salad is looking a bit Mankey though D:

      A few of those burgers look Gastly.

      Last edited 23/08/16 10:21 am

      Don't overcook the patty, it needs to be Dratini bit under.

      Add a Pinsir salt.

        Paras the salt, Sandshrew very much.

      These jokes are getting a bit Farfetch'd.

        You're the first to accuse us of Dragonite out.

          Now you're just being attention Seaking.

            Omastar and garters, well I never.

            I'll start to take it slow.


      I want a burger so good I'll Nidorant about it so much I'll Raichu a review where I Rattata ten out of ten. I Dugtrio menu and Arcanine choose, so I'll let you deScyther one that's best, Machamp. Go ahead, Magmar day. Omanyte. Take as long as you need.

        Why Dewgong and do that mate.

          Ekanseem to help myself.

            Go and Cloyster yourself away for a bit then.

              I'll get Rhydon it.

                Ivysaur what you did there.

                  I wasn't sure whether to press on but figured I'd take my Chanseys.

                I can't seem to reply anymore.

                This no longer meets the Seel of approval.

                  Perhaps it was trying to tell us we Articuno further puns in this thread.

                  But we were like peas in a Metapod.

      This thread has turned to Muk.

        Yeah, time to Exeggcute it.

    I think it's pretty safe to say that there is no point trying to get one of these burgers. The line will be extremely long. Fad burgers + fad Pokemon = high chance of missing out.

    In pokemon world, are pokemon a source of meat?

      Don't do that deep think again.... It's hard enough revisiting childhood trauma without thinking about moral and social implications :'(

        It was once said to me Pokemon never die...

        Yet there's that one that wears its mothers head on its own head :O

          If they never die, how do you explain the Ghost Pokemon?

            Dead trainers who mistreated their pokemon and have been cursed by becoming one? (just made that up fyi XD )

              I'm pretty such there is at least a Game Theory and even a Creepy Pasta on that very idea.

        Now I feel even older as I saw that episode when it was new.

    One of the few times I've wished I was in Sydney...

    At first I was curious but then they called it Hashtag Burgers and I was put off :p

      I threatened for years that if I ever got an instagram account the first pic would be of a pound/number symbol with #hashtag

      Then I grew up D:

    Am I the only one who thought of the Pretty Patties from that Spongebob episode?

    These burgers will make a Mankey out of you.

    Down'n'Out Burgers or In'n'Out? Because In'n'Out is fantastic if you order off the secret menu, and a crime there's no permanent venues in NSW.

    Wow, an F-bomb right from the beginning?

    Paras the salt. Sandshrew very much.

    Guy misses out on burger, sadness ensures

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