Stranger Things Adventure Game Tribute Is Just Right

Mixing their love for old school adventure games like King's Quest with everybody's love affair with Netflix's supernatural horror series, the folks at Infamous Quests cooked up a small playable slice of what needs to be a much bigger game.

The Stranger Things tribute game is a one-room point-and-click adventure, covering basically a single scene from the first season of the show. It's got Chief Hopper, officers Powell and Callahan and good old Mr. Clarke, out in the woods searching for the missing Will Byers. A clue is found. A thing happens. The game ends.

It's not much, but an '80s style game about an '80s style show featuring kids who did what I did in the '80s when I wasn't playing '80s computer games is just about perfect. Plus Chief Hopper seems to like it.

You can download the Stranger Things adventure tribute for free over at


    I would pay good money to be able to play that (a full game version, anyway)

    Last edited 26/08/16 2:29 pm

    That's pretty damn cool. However, my nitpicking-geekery forces me to point out that this sort of graphics technology wasn't around in 1983. This is more in line with what LucasArts were doing around ten years later in 1992/1993.

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