Surprise Horror Hit Layers Of Fear Has DLC Now, And It's Rad

Layers of Fear: Inheritance is the new DLC for Bloober Team's surprisingly good horror game Layers of Fear, now out for PC and consoles. Taking place long after the main game, you play as the daughter of a manic painter returning to her childhood home in search of answers. What really happened to your father? Could it happen again to you? The game is full of twisty hallways and demon dogs, and it really understands how to do horror. Sit down and join me as I explore a super spooky house, talk about horror games and totally don't get scared at all.

(You can also check out our past coverage of the base game here.)


    Wait. Did the base game get a full release on Xbone? I remember it was in early access...

    I appreciate how she starts off trying her best not to swear but slowly transitions into whatever pops up first in mind. I think the transition was most smooth when she said "fucking heck".

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    Didn't like this game at all. A major disappointment. Total lack of gameplay and I encountered two game breaking glitches within 2 hours of starting my game. I didn't bother persisting.

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