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    Morning everyone, I woke up sick on Saturday and it's gotten worse since then. I can't seem to get a good nights sleep.
    In other news, I finished Mercy.

      Daaaamn, that's nice!

      Sorry to hear about the sickness, just try to hold on for the ult to charge!

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        It just makes it hard when I'm the sole carer and Mum's sick too. I have to keep going out and getting us stuff

      Pretty incredible! Well done!
      Hope you get well soon.

        I'm really glad you didn't come over. We're both sick. You would've ended up so unwell.

          I've only got a dry throat currently, mainly cuz I'm trying to make my bedroom as dry as possible after moisture got into the carpet from a crack on the outside wall with rain getting in. I've got two dehumidifiers running in there, one I bought and one the builders brought in after they fixed the cracks outside.
          It's currently not a good smell in the bedroom, so trying to starve it out, whatever's there that's being caused by that moisture.

            Yeah, that'll make your throat dry.

              I keep a water bottle on the bedside table when I go to bed so I'm all good there.

                Saline nose spray seems to keep colds at bay for me, but this year I got a horrible one that hung on for weeks. Or so I thought, it ended up being a mycoplasma infection.

      aw get well soon Scree! And that Mercy is AMAZING! Loved seeing your work-in-progress over on twitter too :)

        Yeah, I'm thinking my Patreon will be access to the WIP when I have some patreons =P

      Ah, nice. Did you dull down the colours on the background pattern a bit? In the last WIP I saw they seemed a bit strong, made my eyes feel funny :P

      Looks great!

        When I added a gradient to elumate light, it dulled it

    Is anyone familiar with the OG house of the dead series?

    I had some friends over for a light gun fest, and I'm after some new games. The hotd 2/3 compilation is pretty much the only wii game left that piques my interest in the genre.

    We played a tonne of overkill and ghost squad, but point blank on the ps1 is still my favourite.

    I can't believe they never re-released the point blank games on the wii, and the ds version was just rubbing salt in the wounds.

      I do love me some point blank. I did buy the DS one, but yeah, it was terrible.
      I also played the resident evil light gun games too

      I spent so much time playing Point Blank in dodgy truck stops around the country when on the road. Used to sink SO MANY COINS into that game.

        There's still one at Galactic Circus, I should go back and play that again someday :D

        There's a Point Blank at the Myer Center as long as they haven't changed it recently. Still so damn good despite the game being two decades old.

          Point Blank was my idea of "Street Cred" as an arcade gamer, the bragging rights from beating someone at that game feel much higher regarded. It's a great game for a 1v1 shootout xD

      Man, Point Blank & Time Crisis were the shit. I miss my PS1 & light gun for fun shit like that.

        Time Crisis 2, that was so much fun to play. Then the first boss fight while peppering him full of bullets:
        "AHHHEHEHEHE- OOOF"...
        "AHHHEHEHEHE- OOOF"...
        If only the guns weren't damaged every time I played them, that'd be great. It's either aim is off, or the kickback is broken which ruins it for me too, I love that gun kickback mechanism after you fire. :(

        I rebought a CRT just for those games, so worth it!

        I'd hate to imagine how much guncons go for these days.

          Yeah they SUCK on LED flatscreens, mine couldn't register unless it were 5cm away from the edges, which made some sections impossible without grenades.

      I played through 2&3 Returns. Haven't got a thing on Overkill, but still a solid light gun game. Especially since you can turn the cursor off and calibrate for 1:1 aiming, that's the most important feature for me :p

      Would have loved to have Point Blank like that. Only played it one or two times at this amazing arcade in Cabramatta, but it was damn fun.

      Oh, have you played Dead Space Extraction, or either of the RE Chronicles games? I was put off because of the whole cursor clicker thing, but at least one of my friends who has pretty similar tastes to mine swore by DSE being a good game despite it. Still yet to crack it open myself, I think I grabbed it back when I saw it for like $15 or something. Haven't got any of the Chronicles games though.

      Also come to think of it the original HotD games would probably be pretty good to play with friends for the hilariously awful dialogue alone. "Suffer like G did?"

      Last edited 01/08/16 3:54 pm

        DSE is one of my favourite wii games, and my second favourite deadspace. It tells a lot of story well, has great atmosphere, and really good voice acting/character animation (which carried over to the excellent goldeneye reboot).

        It's up there with shattered memories as a side game which shames the subsequent main series.

        I do have both of the res evil games, too. They really only shine when two people are playing seriously. DSE is better single player, and the "dumber" games are more party fun. Theyre a solid romp through RE nostalgia, though.

    Stellaris stuffs!
    Ahhhhh, an AI (One of my own created races, the Xylax, also known as the warrior birds) invited me to go to war with the Space C'thulus, the Empire of C'thagn. Never been so happy to make friends with AIs, though I had to sacrifice to make that happen.
    Also I integrated my first vassal that I actually earned with my own war before that. They decided to make me a rival, then proceeded to threaten me... so I flattened him, then later on he joined me without ANY issues due to our ethics being similar.
    Smoothest. Takeover. Ever! I'm very proud of my Space Cockraches, the Rugroach Collective! :D
    Hope everyone's weekend was good

      Rugroach Collective is a great name

        Yeah I got a few, I'm proud of that name, thanks for the compliment :)

        These are the ones I made:
        Silver Wings of the Xylax Hierarchy - Warrior bird dictatorship, they love to fight to improve their own military doctrine
        The Furball Initiative - Space foxes that are heavily into science and Artificial Intelligence to help them strive for the stars
        Rugroach collective - Space cockroaches that are incredibly difficult to take down and grow quite quickly too. Born from the result of nuclear war mutating them into a threat that the home planet's previous owners tried to kill but the war only made the issue worse, they were then wiped out and the planet was completely taken over by the mutated cockroaches.
        The Snappan Imperium - Bigoted space tortoises that got sick of everyone making fun of them for being slow, so they slaughter or enslave everyone that dares to make fun of them ever again. Incredibly tough fighters but slow learners and growers
        Empire of C'thagn - Space C'thulu, big on enslaving EVERYONE they can find for the glory of their old god.
        Holy Arm of the Shruumi - Mushroom people that were given the gift of thought, speech and motor function, by some unknown entity. They worship that holy unknown and want to spread the word of the gift these "Unseen Ones" have given them to others that will listen. The most peaceful of my creations, which then got slaughtered by late game threats :P

        Last edited 01/08/16 11:29 am

    Passed my Driver Qualification test this morning, at the ripe age of 33. I mean I didn't start driving til I was 30, but man it's a relief to get that P-Plate bullshit out of the way.

      I still have to bother doing that myself, I had to renew my green Ps because I was too lazy to take the test

        Well when you do I strongly recommend paying attention to statistics in the handbook such as times when accidents are most frequent, low/high alcohol hours, and which modes of road transport are safest/less fatal in the event of an accident. There are nearly no driving related questions. Also the HPT seemed a bit trickier this time around.

      You need to take a test to get out of your P plates?

        Yep, in NSW anyway.

        At age 16 you can get your learner's permit (L-plate) which allows you to drive at a maximum speed of 90km/h (previously 80km/h) under the supervision of a fully licensed (unrestricted) driver. To qualify for the Learner license you must pass a driver knowledge test. You cannot drive with any blood-alcohol content higher than 0.

        At age 17 you can get your P1 License (red P-plate) as long as you have held a learner license for at least 6 months and have logged 120 hours of driving with an unrestricted license holder or driving instructor (I think there's some scam where if you use the NRMA driving school the hours count for double but I could be wrong). If you're 25 or older the hours/6 month requirement is waived. In order to qualify for the P1 you must pass a road driving test. Under the old system (I want to say pre-1999?) once you completed 1 year on your P-plates you could progress to an unrestricted silver license (then gold after maintaining a silver license for 5 years), and a BAC of 0.02 was permitted but this apparently encouraged young drivers to push the boundaries too often so it was restricted to 0. They also introduced the P2 license in a bid to restrict younger/newer drivers for a longer period.

        At age 18 once you've held a P1 license for at least 1 year you now progress to P2 (green P-plate) by passing a hazard perception test. At this point you are now permitted to drive at a maximum speed of 100km/h. BAC remains at 0.

        Then once you have held your P2 for 2 years you can progress to an unrestricted (gold) license by passing the Driver Qualification Test which is a combined knowledge and advanced hazard perception test. You can now drive with no plates, and drive with a BAC of 0.05 or less. I've also been informed that if I maintain a clean driving record for 5 years (incl. of the ~3 I've already done) I qualify for a 50% discount on all future license renewals, which will save me $100 or so in three years time. \o/

          I managed to get lucky. Originally for me it was get your L's, then take a test whenever you feel like it (the required 120 hours wasn't mandatory until later). When I got my Ps the law started to change to make a distinct difference between green and red plates. But to avoid any confusing they issued everybody on their Ps a full license. I had my Ps for about a year before I got my full license.

            I got my Ls back in December 1998 when I turned 16 but was lazy about taking my driving test and never got around to it. I knew the rules were changing but you'd be grandfathered in if you had your Ls by a certain cutoff date so tried to go to the RTA to renew my license but they said you can't renew Ls, you have to just sit the test again. Unfortunately a lot of the changes had already been introduced by then and the test was completely different with a few trick questions you actually had to study for (whereas in '98 it was all common sense and I blitzed it first try). Since I couldn't afford a car anyway (and my mother hated letting my drive hers) I just never bothered to try again. Of course when I was a bit older it became an inconvenience but I worked around it.

    I finally started on Xenoblade Chronicles on my New 3DS this weekend, and can see the love for this game. Though one hour in I have approximately 10 fetch quests already - hopefully they aren't necessary for the story.

      Soooooo many side quests. I've had a number of friends just say you should skip them and press on with the main quest on your first playthrough, save them for a second run if you want. Which kind of makes sense. But it's so hard to make myself ignore them >_

    Finally finished BoJack Horseman season 3 this weekend. I'm astounded at how much I've grown to love the show. It's quickly shot up the ranks of my esteem to become one of my favourites of all time.

      Man that was a great season. I was devastated when I got to episode 12.. I wanted more :(

        I noticed an interesting trend about the 3 seasons, actually. For whatever reason the penultimate episode of each season (Ep 11) is one of my favourites of each season. S01E11 (Downer Ending) is really strong, S02E11 (Escape From L.A.) is my favourite out of *every* episode, and S03E11 (That's Too Much, Man!) is very powerful.

        Something about setting up the finale with a bang.

          Man I love that show, just watched Ep1 &2 of Season 3 last night.
          I don't get the feeling things are going to go well for him...

            What gives you that idea? Possibly the first two seasons of the show?

    So RPG stuff happened yesterday. My character may have inadvertently aided a cult group with seizing explosives from the local military which they then used to blow up part of the city. At least he can't be blamed for the explosion because my character was strung up on a wall as punishment for assaulting a mercenary captain earlier the same day.

    So just out of curiosity, has anybody who is working on the Stranger Things contest started putting together the metapuzzle? Puzzle 5 is scheduled to drop today, which means we'll have 10 out of 12 postcards available... You'd think we'd start to have some idea of what we're looking at in the big picture by now, but I'm looking at the 8 postcards currently dropped and I have no idea what to make of it all right now.

      I tried to put together a clue after the 6th puzzle but I'm still pretty much flying blind.

        Yerp. I'm trying word association but I don't know why. Something to do. :P

      I haven't done puzzle 4 yet, but I have no idea thus far about the meta puzzle. wondering if the screenshots are in the order they appear in the series?

        I need to double check but I'm fairly sure the file names for the postcards put the screenshots in the same order that they appear in the trailer.

        Haven't tried to piece it all together yet because I'm lazy.

          I hadn't even thought to check the filenames. Good thing I bookmarked all the answers in my overall workbook.

            I just saved all the postcards. So that worked out neatly.

              Yeah, I went the copy/paste-as-object route so I've got them all in the one file. Filenames have now been added. Numbers aren't strictly ascending.

        i don't think so, there's more left-side postcards atm. I can see two that match, but other than that, it's a long shot at this stage!

      Enjoyed the first two, but the Pokemon puzzle seems like a lot of busy-work, so haven't bothered to get too deep into it. Might do the others for fun, tho, but won't bother trying to work out the meta-puzzle if I'm missing parts by the end.

        Poke puzzle was grindy as hell

          I mean, kudos to the creator for being able to find suitable combos, but it's an hour and a half of using Google Now's screenshot-capture-search.

          I suppose on the upside, I learned about a bunch of evolutions I didn't know existed.

      Toyed with a couple of ideas, still stumped. I'm expecting the final set will contain a clue.

    Moseys in.....
    Hi everybody....
    Moseys out

    Seriously though, hi to everyone i havent seen around here. Hi to everyone who doesn't go on twitter and follow my inane rantings. Im doing well, i hope you are too.
    xoxo rossip girl

    Spent the whole weekend helping move stuff.
    Went to bed at 9pm last night, woke up at 10am this morning.

    Got my NAS/PLEX Server parts on Friday so I built that got that up & running & it's great, way better than the last computer I was using for PLEX.

    Got to the 4-star quests on Saturday, got a full Rathian set after a bit of work... and went back to my Tetsu set immediately. It may have good stats and better defence, but it looks like someone rolled a Katamari through a metalworks. Will need to find something a bit more practical.

    Also watched all of Stranger Things - was not expecting that to be as good as it was.

      Some of the pants make my legs look fat.

      I built my rathian set because I always do, then went back to my rhenoplos set because running around as a pink anime cat with a giant sword is just the best.

      Stats be damned!

    @jocon working on the druid resto guide today, should hopefully be able to run it by you for review later this week.

      Cool cool.
      Little has changed from WoD I gather and you're experienced as resto so I doubt I'll be able to add much. Keen to see your thoughts though.

        Man this new mastery for your spec is doing my bloody head in. It's so #!%#!$$ convoluted. Going to have to actually test out how it works on my druid, thank you for nothing Blizz. The fricking tool tip doesn't tell you even a fraction of how it actually works.

        Did you know Rejuv gets the 5% bonus from the start however all other HoTs only get the 5% bonus if there was already an existing HoT on the target?

        On that note jesus christ your legendaries/4 piece bonus/artifact weapon. They synergize so fricking well. Pally/Shaman heals don't even have half that level of synergy man. tl;dr - you should be topping the healing charts in your sleep :P

          I know right? Swiftmend into Wildgrowth ultimate combo! Then Artifact into Flourish and who needs Tranquility? Lol.

            Pretty intense but I have a feeling the mana cost on the back of WG/Swift would make sure you'd be restricted to clutch moments. Nice to have that innervate back, between your tranq and my mastery should be able to control a lot of raid damage.


    Though I guess if I'm not conencted to the internet, I won't see the ads?

      I really dislike Microsoft's way of doing things with Win 10. Wish I could have just stayed with 7 but it has a limited shelf life.
      I've disabled most things with Shutup10. Hopefully it will still cover the above mentioned. Or maybe just not update.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The halfling mage has been defeated and the giant enemy crab retreated from the battle. The icy keep is yours to explore but the mystery of the beached whales has been solved.

    Let me know if you guys are up for playing tonight.

      I'm in! Looking forward to seeing what comes next, or to hear that giant enemy crab's monologue for its revenge on us for killing his master :P

      Yep yep. I realise I still haven't sent you my character sheet. Will do when I get home.

    Interesting weekend. Got a call from a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while, looking to catch up as well as get some updates on the whole blind date situation and how that all panned out. Then got some late night Skype messages from him, which never happens. Seems like he's considering setting me up with a friend of his or something. Shrug emoticon :p

    Ended up catching up with him the next night, went and saw Star Trek. Pretty rad! Managed to not get devoured by the hordes of Pokemon hunters at Rhodes. Pretty busy though, compared to usual. Also apparently they have ten dollar movie tickets now. Double rad.

    Late night internets, wound up firing off a message to an old friend I'd lost contact with, her old number didn't work any more and I couldn't remember her surname. Til the recent room excavation turned up an old business card of hers, so I figured why not plug it into Google and see what comes up :p And it worked! Though apparently e-mail notifications don't work any more, annoying.

    Then sent a message to another friend who I don't think I've seen since his wedding last year, and now set to catch up on Friday I think. And take all the VR gear over, since it's packed up from being taken but not used when going to see Star Trek instead :P

    And in further interesting developments, I went poking about in some of my old tabs and found a guy who proposed a project I was interested in back just before I first scored the ABC job had just reappeared from his own period of absence, and was set to get it rolling again. So shot my hand up to get on board with that too.

    Actually, supposed to have that coffee this week with that singer who was looking for a pianist. It's all happening.

    Last edited 01/08/16 12:51 pm

    Not happy. Just got a letter in the mail from my friend in the UK, envelope arrived ripped open and the contents declared on the customs sticker missing. Pisses me off even more because she was sending me something she went and got me on her recent holiday.

      Ah boo. :(

        Yeah. Sucks, cause one of the items was a limited edition piece of Slipknot merch too. Oh well.

          That is just f-d up

            Yeah. Not happy. Cause I had this piece but it broke, so my friend who is an avid collector of Slipknot merch sent me her one & only of it.. So i'm pretty ticked off.

    Hello, I'm back. Was very sick last weekend and early week and been very busy so hardly even read Kotaku, let alone TAY.

    Saw Ghostbusters at the cinema on Saturday arvo, a time I would normally avoid like the plague. More on that in a sec... Enjoyed it a lot, lots of good gags and the effects were brilliant. The right chemistry between the leads, and Kate McKinnon killed it, she's great. Hemsworth's Kevin was hilarious.

    ...and Saturday arvo. The cinema was full of 10-12 year old kids. This would normally be my worst nightmare, but I figured "that's the age I saw the original...". And they all seemed to love it, much laughing and cheering at the boss battle, and during the credits gags when the lights were on, could see how much they loved it. Good. Cause my generation had the original, and we get the in-jokes and cameos, but the new film's for this generation of kids. Reckon it hit the mark just fine. :)

      My son is 5 and has never seen/heard of the original Ghostbusters, just the trailer for the new version He told me that I should go see it "because it has lots of girls in it, and a really big ghost that squashes them and it's really funny!"

        Best review ever. 10/10.

        And that's about the size of it. Lots of girls, a big ghost that squashes them and very funny. :)

        Plenty of slime too.

    Hoping to start buying pieces for my new PC this week. Got a few things on eBay for sale, so hoping to secure a few parts for it from the profits of that stuff.

    I've been feeling the itch to play Trauma Center after watching Iris Joker's speedrun of Second Opinion on Summer Games Done Quick.

    Yesterday, I went hunting through the room of unsorted things from out last few moves and found my copy of Second Opinion and an empty box for Under the Knife 2. Today, I asked around at the local game stores to see if they had Under the Knife or Under the Knife 2. They did not.

    Freya asked me to find her spare stethoscope. So I went back into the room of unsorted things and found my 3DS, with Under the Knife and Under the Knife 2. I did not find her stethoscope. Then I found her stethoscope and took a picture for the interwebs.

    My wrists are going to be sore in the morning. And when I'm done wanking, I may even find time to play Trauma Center.

      Came for the story of what I'd already seen on Twitter, stayed for the masturbation.

        Twitter: 140 characters just isn't enough for a good wank joke.

    Apparently the Vita has been hacked. Browser exploit on version 3.60 that unlocks the whole system for homebrew etc. Also can let you whitelist PSP games that haven't been added to the back compat list despite working fine. Doesn't bypass DRM or enable decryption yet, only lets you run self-made apps.

      ...but will it run Crysis?

      That's interesting. I really need to pull out the Vita. It was great company on my trip round Cambodia, but the 3DS has had all the love recently.

      Hey Neg, I just wanted to let you know that on my windows 10 phone Edge is spazzing out whenever I use it.
      I'm not sure if it's a known issue, but it's only started happening in the last week.

      Last edited 02/08/16 9:10 am

        I don't work on Windows Phone or Edge and don't use Win10 phone so don't know if there's any known issues.

          How would I go about reporting the issue? I dislike the microsoft website, it can be difficult to find things sometimes

            Windows Feedback app. Should be installed by default I think?

              alright, I'll look for it

    Welp. Just finished spending an hour and a half talking with a dude from the US who's heading the project. He seems happy enough with my programming background, and I think I passed his test. Looks like things are already off and rolling, woo!

    And then found a response from singer lady to confirm Wednesday's thing and exchange numbers. Damn, early riser.

    Everything happening!

    Well, I now own a gaming PC. Thank you to those who helped.

    I added some peeps on Steam, if I missed you, feel free to add me - JimuHsien


      One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us

        I'm not locked in here with you, YOU'RE ALL LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!!!

    I managed to sleep last night. I feel a bit better. =D

      I didn't. :(

      Tossing and turning all Sunday night. 12.5 hour day. No more than 3 hours sleep last night. Exhausted and it's shaping up to be another long day.

        That majorly sucks. There's nothing worse then not sleeping

          Yeah, it's pretty horrendous. I don't normally suffer from anxiety, but sleeplessness triggers it. Can't sleep, get anxious about not sleeping, toss and turn more, get horribly stressed, repeat until puddle of tired, get up and go to work trying not to yell and burst into tears. Arrggh.

          Shall try having a calming meal. Maybe a bath before bed.

            Yeah, anxiety is a dick like that. My anxiety can emulate fever dreams.
            Perhaps check out some breathing exercises. They can help relax you, stop you from being anxious and allow you to fall asleep.

              Yeah, breathing exercises work a good amount of the time. Great suggestion. :)

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