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    Good morning.
    Had to help my brother put some fenceposts in at his new place on Saturday, and I think I'm still feeling it today.
    On the plus side, I have been playing a bit more Elite:Dangerous, and I had to re-learn how to activate the Frame Shift Drive.

      Let me guess...wooden? Buy a bunch of star pickets and a picket driver.

      Saw trailer for Arrival. Another mathematician plus language specialist selected for alien interaction...not one capable of understanding that letters is just numbers allocated to give a numerical value to meaning. Conversation is numbers...and given a string forms from division of A by B and produces a string of numbers of infinite length, recuring cycle, or one off limited sequence depending on A and B they have no idea. Theoretically there are infinite length words.

        Is this an understanding that good fences make good neighbours, therefore we need to start worry about the fence next to our theoretical alien neightbours?

        Have you read the story it's based on? It's phenomenally good. The linguist is the POV character, but the POV is amazing.


    Had the cops searching the area last night with Pol Air, no idea what they were looking for but they were around here for a good hour to hour & a half..

      You needed a giant LED arrow to point to your neighbours place

        Ha. I also had the idea of giving their shitty little kids the laser pointers I have that go couple hundred metres and let them shine them at the cops..

    I downloaded an N64 emulator & played some Wave Race n shit.

    I really want to play more Pillars of Eternity but it's so much easier to play old arcade style games when I've got other shit to do.

    Pillars is great but it requires so much more of my attention.

      That's the same reason I've barely played any RPGs lately. So much easier to just play some mindless Overwatch rather than settle in for an hour or two of concentration.

        Yeah, I was all geared up for Pillars & then I realised I was reading the text but paying zero attention to what it was saying.

        Few rounds of Snowboard Kids & some Mario kart & I was smiling & having fun.

        Fuck real life is draining.

          I love Snowboard Kids, used to play it so much. Could never unlock that ninja kid though.

            Really? I remember it being challenging but not impossible.

            I keep getting sniped just before the finish lines this time.

              Yeah, that's exactly what would happen. Any time I looked to be about to win he'd sneak out in front at the last second.

                I'm still stuck on the desert level. No sniping, just one Kid ridiculously way ahead out in front.

    Decided to put some tlc into my car by fixing a couple of niggling issues. I took care of a noisy power steering pump by fixing a vacuum leak, and felt accomplished. Seems like something the mechanic should have caught.

    I also forwent playing NMS because the PC port is borked, but i did a playthrough of battalion wars 2 instead. It's such a great game, and would have been amazing on the wii u with a commander on the gamepad and soldiers with wiimotes on the TV.

    I also realised afterwards that Sean Murray, of hello games, worked for Kuju on battalion wars! He was also at Headstrong and Criterion, makers of the fantastic hotd overkill and burnout respectively.

    I don't think he had any creative command, but wow, small world!

    Last edited 16/08/16 8:47 am

    Worked on my old mans Website. High End Audio Equipment being sold direct. It's coming together better than I expected. Still, taking it's time. jQuery is a bit of a beast to wrap my head around.

    Then took 3 hours to make dinner last night. God dammit it was goord. Creamy Mushroom, Onion and Chicken, roast spuds and kumara and a shitload of broccoli, carrot and peas. Bloudy delicious.

      That sounds rather tasty.
      I had my cranky pants on when I tried cooking last night and the missus was deciding on what I was cooking and I didn't know what the dish was and it was not a good experience. End result was ok but far more drama than I wanted.
      Cooking on my own for the little one tonight so things will be much simpler, savory noodle one pan dinner here we come

        Mmmmmmmm noodles. Can't go wrong there!

          Quick and easy, so makes a great weekday meal.
          Brown some mince, add the powdered sauce, noodles and water
          Simmer until it thickens
          Serve with side of veggies

      JavaScript is the devil.

      The devil.

      Disclaimer: I maintain a JavaScript emulator as part of my job and the things that language lets you do... :( Some of the stuff involving fiddling with prototypes is so confusing that I can't make sense of it at all.

    Spent the weekend flying around in No Mans Sky (PC), its pretty good so far.

    I am enjoying it so far.........I think.

    The mechanics are pretty good and the overall replay loop is also fun, but probably only for a while before it becomes boring without an end goal, I can already see myself looking for something deeper (other than reaching the centre), I found a couple of atlas stations last night and that seemed to indicate that there is/might be something more going on, so I will see where that goes.

    Had a Warmachine tournament. Did better but still didn't enjoy the games. The MK3 rule designs and meta are shifting to only 'jack spam, or 'jack with ranged unit spam. To make this worse, all melee infantry and support for my faction were nerfed to crippling levels. There's not a reason to avoid spamming 'jacks. I spammed 'jacks in the last tournament and required BS techniques to lose.

    Thinking about quitting the game altogether.

      That's a shame. They've definitely swung too far the other way towards jacks then? I stopped in mk2 because I didn't like the focus on infantry.

        Mk2 didn't really focus on infantry. If people did it was probably because AoEs were in short supply or there were too many weapon masters. I played Menoth so infantry didn't bother me, I just lob 5 AoEs out per turn. Also because Warbeasts were better than Warjacks, people like to grab an extra unit or two to make up for it.

    Got called on by my friend on Friday to come over on Saturday and help him out with the apartment he's renovating. Bastard :P But still stayed up late to get and play NMS anyway, despite having to get up early. Mistaaaaaake.

    I spent aaaages on my first planet, just hopping from POI to POI and collecting Vy'keen words like crazy. Think I had about 80 of them by the time I first left. Also had a pretty healthy exosuit, with how many drop pods I'd found along the way. Of the five planets in my system, only two had life so that made things a little easier in terms of hunting everything down. I kinda screwed things up a little though, since I was trying to clear out the place before I moved on to the next system - I ended up coming across a crashed ship with an extra slot, so figured hey why not upgrade, the repairs don't seem that bad. Only, once I'd grabbed it and started flying it around to get the rest of what I needed to fix it up, it turned out that repairing the hyperdrive got rid of the warp charge it was storing. And I didn't have a recipe for antimatter, only the electron vapour which I thought was antimatter. UHHHH.

    I can't actually remember how I got out of that one. I may have found a trading post or something where I could buy antimatter, or maybe a warp cell. Either way it was enough to get out into the next system. Where it was completely jarring to suddenly find my >150 words of Vy'keen were useless, since everyone here speaks Korvax. Dammit :P

    And then I found another crashed ship. And again underestimated the repair bill. I discovered that you can recall your ship to one of the beacon thingos even if you can't actually fly it due to the repairs, but that turned out to be a bad thing. This one needed zinc to repair the thrusters, which I thought I had but NOPE. Just needed 20 of them, but the planet I was on... god, what a shit heap of a planet. Incredibly sparse POIs. No life. ZERO resources, other than plutonium. So none of those little plants that give you zinc. And I couldn't even swap back to my old ship any more, because who knows where that was. I started farming for colonial outposts in the hopes of finding a trading post where I could maybe buy some zinc, but each one came up as being a minimum 15mins away, and in all directions. And after four or five of them, it just kept pointing me to the same one again and again. Rather than pick the nearest one I picked one that was close-ish but had another closer by than any of the others, just in case it turned out to be a dud. Mercifully about halfway there I chanced upon a proper trade hub! Called my broken ship in, fixed it up and went on my way. Stupid thing :P

    Currently got 25 slots on my suit, 15 in my multitool and I think 16 in my ship. Almost hit a million moneys but then the exosuit upgrades took care of that and I guess I need to start hoarding more stuff to sell. Hopefully this system has some nicer planets that are worth exploring.

      Your first planet must've been pretty nice... mine was toxic as all hell, couldn't get that ship in the air soon enough :P

      Was looking for a new ship last night - my then-current ship was pretty spacious at 26 slots, but the position of the cockpit and the way it tended to land meant as often as not I'd hop out of the ship and fall 20m down a ravine - I swear that ship was out to kill me. :P Found a neat-looking fixer-upper - had 27 slots, and had decent upgrades, but literally everything was damaged. Fixed the launch thrusters expecting that to be enough to at least get it in the air, and limp it to a nearby trade node to work on, but nope. Needed the pulse engines too... Spent twenty minutes wandering around the nearby area looking for basic materials.

      Good tip about getting a damaged ship to a beacon... will keep that in mind next time I find a diamond in the rough. :)

        Inb4 they patch it out as a bug :P

        Guess I got pretty lucky with my first planet, everything was plentiful. Though the toxic/otherwise harsh ones don't really seem like much of a threat, the most troubling bit I found was on a green and magenta irradiated hellhole made of islands in the sky and radioactive water on the surface, which was extremely radioactive so I couldn't swim for all that long to search for underwater discoveries. But yeah, otherwise even on that last planet with NO recovery plants, I was able to freely walk around trying to repair my ship without fear of the envirohazard.

    Ok just tried taking a screenshot and it's proving rather impossible. Whatever I paste from Print Screen seems to be massively delayed from the moment I actually pressed it, half the time I'm just pasting the pause screen even though I left it for several second before pausing and switching window. Blah.

      Does GoG Galaxy have a print screen layer? Also, there is a thing where you can print screen straight to a drop box folder

        Not sure, but even then it's the timing thing that's the problem right now. It's not actually capturing what's on screen when I hit the button, it's from some other random time. Just need to keep trying again and again til I luck upon what I wanted to capture, I guess.

      WinKey + PrintScreen to save the screenshot straight to disk (assuming Win8+).

      If you need more control, try Snipping Tool (Win8+) or if on Win10, try the Xbox game bar stuff as it has some really robust screenshot features.

        I think I've figured it out maybe. The screen I'm presented with when pasting is what was on screen the last time I alt-tabbed out before hitting print screen. So I need to tab out, tab in, screenshot, tab out, paste, check, save. Weird.

        On win10 though don't know those features, snipping tool and xbox game bar.

          Well on Win10 both are installed. Use the WinKey + PrintScreen shortcut though - saves you needing to copy/paste.

            Would if it was acting normally, but having to check each time to make sure it's captured what I want then there's about as much busywork either way - manually saving the one I want, or deleting each one I don't want.

            It's so strange though, have you ever heard of anything like that happening before? Or have any idea why?

    Found a driver fault with my computer this morning, and now I can't fix it.

    It's showing an error with atikmdag.sys
    That tells me it has to do with the graphics card drivers.
    @welbot @techknight any ideas?

    Last edited 15/08/16 7:57 pm

      Urgh, ATI...
      My best guess would be ensure it's updated to latest drivers, if not that, then reinstall the drivers from scratch on the latest version as I know driver updates could make older versions screw with your performance/operation too.

      If you can get a specfic error code from the logs, look up online on that, you'd be surprised with the details you could get from just the error code. Helped me out with my graphics issues in the past.

    No Man's Sky Players!
    As someone who has played way too much I thought I'd let you know there are, I believe, unique or at least rare ships and multi tools to be found.
    The tool I got from a monolith and was organic and spiky with glowing purple crystals. Unfortunately the game crashed soon after and I could never get it again. Got a screenshot tho.
    Ship's I've found two of at crash sites that have models I've never seen anywhere else, a Gek and Korvax. Both are yellow and have the designation S42.
    Keep an eye out and remember to save.

    Also, a general tip: when swapping for a new ship or tool, if possible dismantle everything on the old one first for half the materials. Makes kitting out the new one so much easier.
    And for crashed ships, just dismantle everything damaged and build new in the slots you want - end up using the same amount of materials.

    Last edited 15/08/16 8:54 pm

      Man, I'll need to grab a screenie of my ship. It's weirdly... vertical? Almost like flying Slave I, if it were made from gigantic PVC pipes set up like an upside-down set of wickets. Haven't seen one like it elsewhere yet.

    Just spent about half an hour desperately trying to fly from an asteroid field to the planet's surface, thanks to the stupid fucking auto-aim bullshit firing directly at a ship flying past as I was trying to mine some nickel. Where's the god damn chaff button? This kind of bullshit doesn't happen in Elite :P

    I was so close too, but then ran out of oxides to keep pumping up my shield. RIP.
    But I don't care, I'm reloading.

    So this planet I'm on is pretty awesome. Crystalline aluminium as the secondary resource (which sells for a pretty penny at the trade posts), along with titanium crystals scattered around the place. Heridium columns all around, as well as big crystals of Emeril. But I don't really need that. What I found is there's also random arches of iridium scattered about the place too, which is really super helpful right now. And plenty of knowledge stones, lots of stuff really close by. And it's only the second planet of this system :P

    Also as a random aside - usually I'm not one for listening to anything but the game's music. But it hasn't really been doing it for me tbh. Saw someone suggest listening to prog rock, so I clicked on a random youtube playlist and it's setting the tone much better I reckon :P

    Oh and also, I just discovered the joy of plasma grenades. No more dead ends to tunnels any more, just dig your way out! Super handy.

    Last edited 16/08/16 2:51 am

      If you need some chill instrumental prog rock suggestions:

      Sithu Aye
      Animals as leaders
      Intervals (their early stuff is all instrumental, later stuff with lyrics)
      Russian Circles (more post-rock than prog, but still quality)

        Or go with classic stuff like 1970s-era Yes or the like. I feel like Tales from Topographic Oceans might work really well.

    Finally finished Witcher 3 after 10 months. Kinda disappointed in the final fight. Although I have a toxicity rating of 270 and just downed all my potions.

      Yeah final fight was a bit meh but holy shit how good was Witcher 3 in general?

    Huh, looks like Minecraft VR just got put up on the Oculus store. As if I needed yet another stay-up-all-night-exploring simulator to check out.

    Well, I'm gonna have to find another driver that'll hopefully play nice with my graphics card, since the newest one causes a BSOD.

    Morning TAY!

    So weekend was brutal. Between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, I had about 6 hours of sleep... which was also the longest period of time between beers. Had a few mates over for the weekend to watch the TI6 finals, they all brought their gaming rigs so we had a massive LAN party bender.

    Almost recovered now. TI6 was incredible - the games were absolutely amazing. EHOME-EG game 1 and DC-EG game 3 are both some of the best games I've ever seen, rating right up with the TI3 finals as the best games ever played.

    Had an interesting day in pokemon go
    Popped a lucky egg on my way into work and set about evolving for XP. 3 new pokemon due to evolution and another character level. Then I had to power walk the last little bit but managed to hatch an egg with about a minute left on my lucky egg.
    Redemption from the @transientmind inspired last hatching where I got a pinsir, this time I hatched a Magmar which got me the new pokemon bonus when I still had my lucky egg on.
    Then went for a walk lunch and caught 2 new types of pokemon and hatched another 10 km egg and got another Magmar.
    So 6 new mons in the one day and the top end of my pokedex is starting to look at least slightly respectable.

    Morning. I feel mergh. I have started to work on my cosplay and have gone from being completely relaxed to stressing out about how much time until pax. Good job me!

    Woo, Guns N' Roses Australian tour has been leaked, they're touring February 2017! One of the dates is Valentines Day at the MCG, how romantic!

    I honestly never thought i'd get to see Slash & Axl share the stage under the GNR name.

    Last edited 16/08/16 11:18 am

    Welp, complain and ye shall receive, I guess? Loaded up NMS last night, intent on starting my search for nickel and aluminium to build my new warp reactor upgrade, confident that the system I was in held nothing but emeril, gold and copper. Just before I'm about to jump, I spot the name of one of the planets - Richtsehrag - stuck out from the other odd unpronounceable planet names in the rest of the system, so I figured I'd take a quick look before I left. The place was a slagged wasteland... but absolutely covered in huge nickel spires and aluminium blobs. In honour of it's pivotal timing, it's clear evidence of a rough past, and abundance of what would be called by many "bland and uninteresting metal," I named it "The Planet, Lars". :P

    Last edited 16/08/16 11:26 am

    I havent bought pringles in a long time, and then bought a couple of tins today. While its true that after I popped I couldnt stop, is it just me or have the tube and chips shrunk in diameter?? The can seems smaller and i cant fit my hand down the tube to fish out more chips.....

      Yeah they're tiny now like half the size really.

      Yeah there was a big furore about it not too long ago, apparently they switched to their Malaysian factory for us or something like that, and that's how they make them there.

      Yeah, I noticed the can size seem to shrink not long after they brought out the corn chips ones...

    Does anyone know if PAX Aus tickets have been sent out yet? I just realised it's getting close and I'm pretty sure mine are going to go missing in the mail.

      Haven't been sent yet. If you're that worried, pick up @ venue

        And walk 200m down the street to a venue I was going to anyway? Who do you think I am? Superman?
        (Seriously, I can't believe this idea never crossed my mind)

          I won my pass last year, so I had to pick it up - it was really easy.

    Okay, not looking at fanart articles on Kotaku while at work anymore...
    That "Samus Pharan" article, there's at least one picture that would most likely go under a NSFW tag.

    Last edited 16/08/16 1:36 pm

      Yeah that last one I would be far past borderline in a lot of places I know of

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