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  • Twisted my ankle and knee in paintball trying to descend down this hill that our team was on. Fell down it 4 times before I reached the bottom. Aaaabsolutely worth it. Now I’m keen on getting a PB-Marker.

  • I just got to the centre in No Man’s Sky.

    Don’t do what I did. Just wander around enjoying random planets instead. This is what the game is meant to be. Rushing to the centre is not worth the effort, and you will still see the same mix and match critters.

    That said, I did make a video of a bunch of the weirder critters I’ve found:

  • Ugh. Just not feeling it today. Shortly I gotta go see my boss & ask him about the stuff staff members have been telling me he has allegedly been saying about me behind my back. If true I feel really disappointed in him, I honestly thought he & I were starting to get a long :/ Like I don’t think he’s a bad manager & all I think is he might need a little encouragement since he doesn’t always seem very confident in the role.

    • Good luck man. I’ve had a few bad bosses and have never come out well after confronting their behaviour. Best option for me was always to get another job. Life’s too short to work in a toxic environment.

      • He was all good about it & knew exactly what I was talking about. I honestly didn’t think he was the type to be like that, especially since he had already given all of us a talk about that sort of behaviour.

          • I work for BWS (main role), but I also work in the Nightfill/Replenishment departments for Woolworths (we’re an attached store so it’s all one job & one pay!).

            I honestly didn’t think my boss would say such, since he’s been giving me heaps of extra hours & calling me first over the other casual (who is kind of slack & can’t seem to work unsupervised..) so I was all “Err I don’t think what i’ve been told is true, cause my boss wouldn’t do one thing & say another..” Which he actually said before I even had a chance to say that.

          • Nice man. Nice. Good work on the communication skills there. I hope you do well. Sounds like some of your coworkers aren’t the best people though.

          • Thanks. I just wanna do the best job possible. I’d like to get a full time or part time contract out of it, as much as I love casual rates i’d also prefer job security along with holidays & sick leave lol.

            Yeah not everyone is the best, but you get that everywhere. Sucks but eh. Their time will come.

  • Good morning. I have nothing of interest to talk about aside from my dog losing 800grams in a week.
    He’s still fat though.

  • Morning all

    Still loving on Shadow of Mordor.

    And Deus Ex this week

    Last song played game!

    62 – The Healer – Hello from the Magic Tavern

    What are you listening to?

    • Woke up with ’40:1′ by Sabaton stuck in my head – feels like it’ll be a good day today. 🙂 Tho they did release a new album last week, so want to find some time to listen to that… if only my headphones’ left speaker hadn’t crapped itself last month. I swear I must be cursed when it comes to headphones – doesn’t matter if it’s a $5 pair or a set of good Sennheisers – they all perish within 6-8 months. :'(

    • Hardwired – Metallica

      Sounds like Metallica is back & in fine form. Can’t wait for the new album!

    • Gang of Youths – Native Tongue.
      Such a killer EP. Australian music is just going from strength to strength at the moment.

  • Morning, Tay.
    Bought F1 2016 on PC, as well as Armored Core V ,Armored Core For Answer, and Blue Dragon on 360.
    Anyone else got anything new?

  • Spent a lot of time in NMS this weekend – got to the end of the Atlas path, which all seemed very meta, then started heading for hte centre. Found a couple of planets with ‘exotic’ resources, but it seemed like commodity trading is still way more efficient. Made it about 6kLy before calling it. Started doing a bit of ship combat, which is pretty fun – attacked a freighter and fended off a bunch of sentinel ships, and had a couple of 1-star bounties show up.

    Also started a game that had been in my ‘to play’ list for far too long – Shadow of the Colossus. Only got to play an hour last night, but holy crap… the sense of scale, the fluidity of all the animations… it’s a work of art.

    • Excellent. I’m looking forward to settling in to really exploring NMS but I think I need to get my current Elite goal out of the way first.

      And oh! oh! Are you playing the original or the HD remake? And did you play Ico? And SotC is one of my favourite games ever. Finished it on PS2 waaaay back when.

        • That music… The little details in the animations and sound design… the framing, the lighting… *swoon*

      • Bought the remake bundle on PSN, but I’m playing the PS2 version via emulator, because I’m lazy and my PS3 controllers have gotten kinda funky thanks to disuse and dust and the perishing rubber on the thumbsticks… and I kinda want to properly de-dust the area under my TV before I’d be game to turn my PS3 or 360 back on. I may bite the bullet and clean the old buggers if I can’t get the framerate up, tho – it says it’s sticking to 60fps, but it seems to be dropping to about 15-20 in places.

        I feel like I need a time machine to go back to the brief time in 2008-ish when I had a PS2 – I’d knock the second-hand copy of FFX out of my hands and give my past self a copy of this. Or, more likely, when I was finding titles to buy with my PS3 in 2011-ish.

        Edit: And no, never played Ico – didn’t even know the two were related until this weekend – I’d figured they were released for PS3 together simply because they shared a developer.

        • Solved sticky PS3 controllers with Grip-Its. 🙂

          And SotC dropped a lot of framerate on the PS2. It was right at the limit of what PS2 could deal with (as was San Andreas).

          • Oh god, SA… All the motion blur! I really disliked that about the GTA games when they eventually got ported to Xbox – it just looked horrible.

      • SotC is a stone classic.

        I hope the Last Guardian is a) brilliant and b) somehow “above” all of the weirdness and negativity on the internet. I don’t need to see videos of Last Guardian glitches, or weird memes, or “THEY SPENT TEN YEARS FOR THIS?”

        I want the Last Guardian to be an event. Like a Malick film, or a staging of an Opera.

        • I’m at the same point I was with NMS a year ago – “I know it’s coming. I’m AVOIDING EVERYTHING”.

    • I found a ship that looks like a seahorse. Or maybe a Great Fox without wings. I don’t want to leave this system til I’ve maxed out my ship slots and found one that looks like that, but I’m only at a 29er 🙁

      I did manage to max out my exosuit though, because the drop pods on this planet were ridiculous. Also chanced upon a maxed out variant of a multitool that I preferred the look of over the maxed one I’d upgraded to, so stripped mine and swapped over. Much better now.

      Looks like I’ve got most of the journey milestones maxed out too, save for the space combat and warping ones. Also the lifeform cataloguing one, though I think I only have another two or three steps to go on that one. Think I’m at 50 hours in now. Fluent in Korvax too, so no more hunting knowledge stones for a while.

      • Still running a 27 slot ship – mostly because anything larger is out of my price range atm, and haven’t come across another profitable planet in a while to make some proper cash. Have maxed out my exo suit, tho, which is useful. I think I’ve maxed all but four milestone categories – the combat one is progressing fairly rapidly, but not thinking I’ll bother with the zoology ones. Spent a good 30-40 hours out around the 174kLy mark, so making a beeline for the centre, 700Ly at a time. Might stop off and explore around the 50k-to-go point, if I get that far, but at this pace, I’m feeling like I’ll run out of things to do before I even break 100kLy-to-the-core…

  • Good afternoon. It was really nice and sunny yesterday and now it is cloudy and gloomy why weather why do you do this.

      • *looks out the window* Oh hey, the suns out again, coulda sworn it was gloomy last time I looked out the window 😛

        • Yup. I wnet to high point. It was sunny when I went in. It started raining so Cam and I had to race back to Sid to get him out of the rain. Next time we went back, no rain. Then bucketing down.

          • It is like super bright here, but still like 9 degrees… WTF central Australia get your crap together.

  • Hi TAY, long time no TAY!

    I’ve not been on Kotaku too much recently, my mum had a pretty nasty health episode about a month ago and life is only now just kind of returning back to some normality for everyone. I hope everyone has been well in my absence!

    I’ve played a few games recently which has been cool, I was heavy into Overwatch competitive mode for a while which I really enjoyed the higher stakes but not necessarily the toxicity that comes from people paying you out for not having a good game. I mostly mained Zarya and Lucio because I felt most comfortable with them, people don’t pay you so much when you’re playing support. I also played No Man’s Sky for about 10 hours, I think I’m done with the game though; I really liked the High Level concept but the gameplay isn’t for me sadly. Lastly I’ve been playing through Ace Attorney on mobile which I really, really like.

    I’m thinking about what game I’d like to play next, and I think I’m ready to play World of Warcraft.
    As someone who played Warcraft 3 and Hearthstone my understanding on this game is very limited, but it looks like there’s a lot of exploring to be had with some story; which I think is what I’m looking for in a game.
    My question to TAY, is; is it too late for me?

    • World of Warcraft might be a little like No Man’s Sky for you. The ability to explore the world is cool, but over the years they’ve shifted towards a more end-game focused experience (raiding, getting gear, Arena PvP, etc) and buffed how quickly you can progress through the levelling content. With Cataclysm they updated the entire vanilla world to be much, much better. New quests with more cinematic and story driven content. There’s some great quest lines in there. It’s just that it’s very easy to blast by it all.
      My advice would be to find some friends to play along side (TAY has a group) but try to avoid letting them help you out directly. Look to them for advice rather than asking them to actually come and help you beat something. Once you start getting direct help it begins to feel rushed and you’ll probably end up reducing the game to a bunch of tasks. Go here, beat this, get that. If you’re playing by yourself you can stop and read the quest text or have a look around the area without worrying about wasting anyone’s time.
      That said you might blast through the early content and fall in love with end-game. There’s a lot to like about raiding a few times a week with friends or playing Arena competitively.

      • Ok, I suppose my next question is about how big the content is?

        I’ve heard it’s around 80gig, but I thought maybe there was a way I could buy a physical cd to download part of the install and then only need to download 20gig or so of the installation? I’m scared I’ll kill my internet download limit lol.

      • Thanks mate, Mum had a stroke which was a huge shock: she’s only 49 so it was scary but if she stood next to you today you’d have no idea she had one. She’s walking, talking same as before which is awesome. Hope all well with you too.

    • You asked about Blizz games and didn’t tag me?! I thought we were friends.

      Jokes aside if you’re coming into WoW for the story experience its worth noting there isn’t really any story until you reach the third expansion (wrath of the lich king – WotLK). That being said a lot of zones/areas from older expansions (especially from Cata onwards) change after certain patches came out in the game basically splintering the story experience. The first example that comes to mind is one of the regions for Mists of Pandaria, the zone got reworked mid expansion and you’ll never experience the original story arc before it changed. On that note however almost 90% of the regions are unchanged and have their stories intact.

      With regards to downloading updates you can buy a physical copy of a disc but if the system is how it was a few expansion back you’ll still have a fairly hefty update going through (think 10-30gb but could be more). It’s also worth noting WoW is notorious for large patches when they come out, usually when a new raid/region/patch goes live you’ll have a minimum of 4-5gb being downloaded.

      Edit: Welcome back and glad to hear your moms ok!

  • I’ve been getting into Divinity 2: Enhanced Edition for PS4. This game is pretty much designed after everything I’ve wanted in RPGs.

    In every RPG, pretty much everybody hoards everything. In JRPGs you always have 99 potions and hi-potions, cause you never know if you’ll need them later. Found a Mega-elixir? Well, let’s hold on to that even during the final boss fight. There may be a THIRD final boss fight after this second one! Even in Dark Souls you hoard all those poison knives because, you might need them later.

    In Divinity 2 I pretty much have to use everything. Found a AoE fire arrow? Well, that just slightly improves my next fight, better use it. A rain spell? Cool, this will improve my chances of stunning them with electricity. A warrior spell that only knocks down a single enemy? In pretty much every other game it’s always better to go for the DPS race and spend your turns attacking. But here a knocked down enemy skips his turn and allows everybody else 100% chance to hit him.

    Pretty much all those status ailment effects you usually avoid are required here, it’s awesome.

    That being said, the balance can still be very wonky. Right outside the west gate of the first city is a tough battle involving a skeleton battlemage who can heal, a poisoned zombie that causes poison to everyone (in this game poison cures undead too), a skeleton archer, and two electrified zombies that can stun with each attack or when directly hit in melee. It’s way too much for the start of the game, I only managed to beat this group early cause I backed up and used the towns ballistics and town guard to help me win.

    I also played the beta for Titanfall 2. It’s pretty fun, if rather limited. I noticed that once again, ammo doesn’t exist (seems to be a new trend). Grenades are on a timer and only your Titan cracker weapon has limited ammo. You primary is unlimited. I’m not sure if I like this new trend.

    The first day the Australian servers were broken, had to switch to Singapore, which added a half second delay to everything. The fixed it, so hopefully it won’t be an issue on release.

    The controls are just lame though, there’s too many inputs a character can make to fit on a controller. It’s fine on foot, but when I’m in a Titan I wish I could bind the buttons. Why is down on the D-Pad my ultimate attack? When is triangle my secondary attack? Why is X my defense ability that I have to hold down to use, making it impossible to aim in the direction of the attack to protect from?

    Aside from that, it also suffers the general problems CoD evolved into. Where time to kill is so short there’s practically no time to defend yourself once someone starts shooting at you. It’s a contest of who sees who first. Also the recoil from your gun is randomly random or not. You can burst fire someone on the opposite roof and right before he dies, they spray their gun in your general direction and randomly gets a headshot. It can be really annoying at times.

  • Well I started oceanhorn last night so we started to get our Zelda on.
    So far enjoying it but haven’t done much, just headed to the 3rd Island so still early game. Seeing a number of things that will be unlocked once we advance further and get the item needed to do open up the area
    So far so good

  • Now long does it usually take for games to arrive from Ozgameshop? Are they coming from the UK?

    • I believe Ozgames shop are a UK retailer, I’ve ordered stuff from the UK before and it’s taken between 6-15 days.

    • I ordered a couple of games from them a few weeks ago and it took 9 working days for them to arrive. And yeah it’s all from the UK unless it’s marked as Australian stock

  • So this is interesting: Cygames (creators of kind of reasonably good for a phone game Granblue Fantasy) are licensing out the Granblue Fantasy IP to Platinum to have them build what looks to be a console game. It doesn’t look too bad either:

    Looks like a fairly normal Platinum action game, but nothing wrong with that at all. I’m assuming that it won’t be limited to just those four characters (but it’d be okay if it was I think, though I’m not super familiar with the original game). Kind of looks like it might be multiplayer?

    Platinum really seems to churn out games recently though. They have this, plus Scalebound and Nier: Automata in the pipe, and are apparently working with Cygames on a smartphone strategy game too (with Akihiko Yoshida artwork from the look of it). I hope it turns out better than their previous licensed stuff (That TMNT game, Transformers Devastation, Legend of Korra…)

  • I am going to murder this fucking S3. Last I used it it was back to not charging again, so it’s been sitting there on a half charge since I last attempted to get it going. Or so I thought. I took it with me to the piano store today to try out the bluetooth app with the Roland I was looking at, only once I got there the stupid thing wouldn’t turn on. Wonderful. Then once I got home I went to plug it in to start charging, only I thought hey wait a sec it keeps stopping halfway through, I should bring it out here to charge so I can keep an eye on it. Only once I plug it back in, it’s decided it doesn’t want to charge any more. GAH.

    Eventually got it going with a sneaky quick swap of batteries that seemed to trick it into charging. Only I just looked back now and it’s stopped itself.

    That’s it. Getting the hammer.

  • Good too early morning, all

    What was the last game you finished? Did you do it out of obligation or for fun?

    I’ve been trying to be less nocturnal recently, which means shifting my sleep pattern. It’s not particularly enjoyable, so to makes things better I got around to finishing a few games that I had started years ago.
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – >1.5 years – Only needed to finish the DLC but got drawn back in by the sheer joy of the combat systems. As a side note, this game is a huge reason why people should not be put off by MG: Survive.
    Tomb Raider: Anniversary – 3 years – Did not complete this game on the anniversary of when I started playing. Missed opportunity.
    Brütal Legend – 3 years – Wow, how has this not got a sequel? I had forgotten how good this game was. Brilliant soundtrack.

    • Picked up AssCreed Rogue for $9 from EB – it was a fun icon clearing simulator, but the special collectibles were more spread out than in previous games so you didn’t get the special weapons/armour/whatever without repeatedly going out of your way. In the past, I might’ve tried to 100% the game, but as soon as I was done with the main story I stopped playing.
      Deus Ex tonight though, should be preloaded by then!

    • Trine 3 – Fun but that said it was kinda short
      Actually the last game I finished was monochroma which was also for fun but the ending was very abrupt, was expecting there to be a lot more of the story

  • Hey everyone, I need a msall favour.
    I’m planning on running again. Thanks to @sernobulus I now have running shoes so I can take it up again. So, what I want, is for people to post some of their favourite video game music. I want to make a playlist to run to.
    Any suggestions?

  • Deus ex coming out tonight! Got a huge day tomoz but still gonna get up at 3 so I can get 2 hrs of play time in before the rest of the house wakes up. Looking forward to this!

  • Eyeing off an EVGA SC GTX 1070 for $566 AUD ($600 AUD shipped) from Newegg. Cheapest here is $670 without shipping so that sounds like an okay deal.

  • Ok i ordered Deus Ex last night from Ozgameshop because it was so much cheaper than everyone else. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon!!! Been dying to play this.

  • I haven’t been playing too many video games lately. Played some board games over the weekend and unfortunately I didn’t manage to play Scythe which looked amazing. I love the dieselpunk aesthetic of the game and it looked like a fun little worker placement game. I also had the day off yesterday so mostly just lazed about.

    Also got some bad news which kicked me in the guts. Spoilered so I don’t bring down the mood for everyone.

    My grandmother passed away over the weekend and the funeral is going to be at the end of the week. She was 86 and suffered a cardiac arrest so at least it wasn’t dragged out. Still though, I feel I should be more depressed about it than I am. I feel kind of numb about the whole thing which I guess is just me going through the motions until I get the chance to say goodbye.

    • Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear that. It just is awful, I was a wreck for quite a while after my grandmother passed.

      • I was at a Concert the other night and I was a wreck when a song played because it reminded me of my grandmother.

          • American Pie. Was Dad’s signature piece on an acoustic 12 string guitar. Haven’t heard it since it was the entrance music at his funeral. Hope to keep it that way.

    • I’m sorry to hear that
      I’m coming up to the one-year anniversary of my sister passing away, and found out this week that a cousin has passed away after a long illness. His funeral is tomorrow and it all sucks. I was never close to my own grandparents, but I’ve adopted a few through marriage, and it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye to them. Hugs to you, grief is a funny thing, it comes and goes in waves.

  • So I saw there’s a pre-sale for Guns N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Australian Tour. The name is right. $180 for middle of the stadium GA standing tickets, $100 for back row seating or one of the many VIP packages starting at $300 :/ I was thinking maybe $300 for front row would be fair, nope that’s $700 🙁

    • Yeah man I saw the tickets and thought ‘Fuck that, I’ll wait for the eventual concert clips’. I’d love to see them live but I get the feeling memories of seeing them perform live as a teen in the very, very early 90s might be best left as they were…

      • Haha. Whilst Axl sounds pretty good, I dunno if $180 is worth it for middle stadium tickets. I’m used to paying that much and getting down the front >_>

        • Middle of the stadium you’ll only see him as a dot anyhow and end up watching him on a screen lol

          • Yeah. Not a fan of that tbh. Was bad enough last time I saw Slipknot I couldn’t see shit from the edge of the pit.

          • Yeah man, paid for Big Day Out tickets back in 2000 or so. I remember Rammstein were playing and we wanted badly to see them. However being caught riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight in the back we could only see ‘dots’ on stage and it sucked hard :\

          • Yeah. It’s not fun. My friends laughed at me for spending the extra $$ for early entry for Slipknot in October, yeah but i’ll be down the front bitches!

  • Huh, free shipping on Rifts til the end of the month.

    Good for Aussies, considering the shipping normally came to something like $170 if I remember right.

      • Yeah, glad I didn’t have to shell out for that 😛 Though not sure what the figure is now, how exchange rates have shifted etc. Tried running through the checkout system to look the other day but it asks for payment info before the part where it shows shipping costs. Someone pointed out it’s actually cheaper to order off Amazon, comes to something like US$599 plus US$60 for shipping I think.

    • Oh shit, I’ve been right on the edge of getting one for a while and I get my bonus mid-September… MUST RESIST

  • Well, got SotC running at a [near-] consistent 60fps – but couldn’t get rid of the occasional slowdown to 45 or 30, so dusted off the area under my TV and booted it up on my PS3 (after many updates). No framerate problems on the PS3, despite it now rivalling the noise levels of my heater, and caught up to my four hour PC save in about an hour and a half.

    Not sure why, but having a much harder time keeping my footing in certain places – in my first run on the emulator, the first colossus to shake me off was the sixth (primarily because I spent about half an hour running around trying to figure out how to climb up his arm)… on the PS3 version it seems like I’d lose my footing more frequently than on the PS2 version, and thus have shorter windows during which to strike, occasionally have no time to strike at all… extremely frustrating.

      • Not sure ‘harder’ is the word – I’ve never felt that it causes I’d take any more damage from them, or have it decrease my chances of beating them, it just means I spend half the fight running around waiting for the attack that lets me climb them again. But it’s nice to know I’m not imagining things. 🙂

  • Man that sucks. After finding out that ‘Inside’ wasn’t on PS4, with no details on whether or not it ever will be, I ignored spoiling the game for myself and just watched the game when my favourite LPers played it. Except today it was just released on PS4.

  • My housemates bought me the Catan: Explorers and Pirates expansion for my birthday. Looks like they throw in a fair few more rules and play-styles but it should be fun.
    Does anyone else play Catan on here?

    • I love Catan, though I really only seem to play it at PAX. Haven’t played the Explorers / Pirates expansion though, I’m still on Cities / Knights.

    • I love Catan! Pull it out every time we have people come over! Haven’t gotten the expansions though are they worth it? Or is this your first expansions?

      • This is our first expansion but it is definitely worth it. We have only played through two of the four scenarios in the game, although it’s so much fun. Changes the game up completely and adds way more strategy. Plus that pesky robber is now a freakin’ PIRATE SHIP!

  • Anyone having trouble with DEUS EX todays performance, turn OFF MSAA and Volumetric lighting, it’ll jump straight up in performance. Wtf?

    • My only problem with its performance is that it’s sitting at home, unplayed, because there seems to be this expectation for me to be at work, pfft. What GPU are you running it on?

      • i5-6600k, 16gb ram, nvidia 1070 8gb. Major performance issues with nearly everyone when those two are turned on. Seems to be some sort of bug. The moment they’re turned off, I jumped straight from 20fps to a smooth, clean uninterrupted 60fps no joke. Funniest part, is people are putting screenshots up showing little to no difference with them on and off in terms of visuals.

        • That’s pretty weird. Other than that though, are you enjoying it? Human Revolution remains one of my favourite games in the last few years and I’m pretty keen to get home and give it a run tonight.

          • It’s cool as so far. Really enjoying the fact they don’t wimp out and “OH YOU LOST ALL YOUR POWERS!” like a lot of sequels do. You start with everything you ended with in HR more or less. Feels just like HR, looks a bit prettier, just those starting issues were worrisome but the game itself is very very good so far.

    • I got it yesterday for PS4

      It’s pretty cool so far, but it’s by no means a pretty game.

        • I’m trying to figure if its “film grain” or just the size of my TV… But it looks janky.

          Still a great game, still Deus Ex (which has never been pretty really).

    • MSAA is non-trivial in terms of complexity, and so is volumetric lighting. Still, your rig should run it really well. Bet it’s an nvidia problem. Previous Eidos stuff has been PC ported by Nixxes who are really good usually so I wouldn’t expect it to be a bad port.

    • I haven’t had too many issues with Deus Ex so far. The biggest problem I’ve had is probably the controls. NO JENSEN! I DON’T WANT YOU TO ROLL OUT INTO THE OPEN I WANTED YOU TO MOVE AROUND THE CORNE-*gets spotted*

      • The 70mb+ patch last night that rolled out seems to have fixed all issues miraculously. Amazing how one or two little bugs can bring an entire game crashing down, yet when fixed, can make it soar.

        • Seems odd that they missed that during testing, on the bright side it seems like it’s a fun game although I’m not sure how I feel about needing energy to punch people in the face.

          • Wait til you realise some of the DLC in the season pass is one use and done… false advertising at its best. It’s caused a bit of an uproar at this point it seems.

    • Haben sie gehört das deutsche band 😛

      Feeling pretty good – ran King’s Fall last night for the first time in aaaages. Sloppiest HM Oryx ever – everyone was out of practice, and we had one guy who hadn’t done HM before. Still we ran with the screw-ups, no-one died (somehow) and we beat it first try. So much more fun than when everything goes like clockwork, or when the team calls a wipe because because of a minor mistake. 🙂

    • Original Prankster – The Offspring

      I feel like it’s 2000 again, next i’ll know iTunes will play something from Blink-182’s Enema of the State album..

    • Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys

      I liked AM before they were big *hipster hair flick*

  • Just finished 6 days in a row last night. Popped in to see how the store reno’s were going this morning after the builders were installing a nice big window last night for us my boss was on the phone to the manager of the other BWS in town and he’s all “Hey Marc’s here atm, let me ask him” and he’s all “Wanna work at X store again tomorrow 12-9?” I was all why not cause money is awesome.

    Also means I should be able to save a fair bit to put to new PC parts 😀

  • Hey all!

    @scree just wanted me to let you all know that she probably won’t be posting in here for a week or two. Unfortunately some crappy stuff has happened to her and she just needs a bit of a break. I’ll pass on any messages you have though.

  • Awkward. Tay Zonday (the Chocolate Rain dude, remember him?) followed me on Twitter, I don’t even follow him wtf..

    • He followed me a few months ago, and I remembered I actually like some of his songs/covers, so I followed him back. But his tweets are really weird in a way I can’t quite describe, so I unfollowed him. Later I find out that he’s also unfollowed me!

  • Well randomly looking around kickstarter and came across Close Your
    Story based game about reliving your life. The kicker being that every time you literally blink your life advances forward. So if you try to say in the moment and experience as much of your wedding as possible and try to stop blinking you see more of it. But then if due to the struggle you need to blink multiple times your honeymoon is over, your flight back is done and you are stuck in the drudgery of work in a super short space of time.

    Seems like such a very cool concept

    • Very cool concept! I’m glad to see in the FAQ they discuss glasses / small eyes. I wear thick rimmed, very dark frames and I’ve noticed the exact symptoms they’re talking about when using FaceRig (webcam digital character overlay) – it can’t really track my blinking unless my glasses are off.

      Won’t back this one on KS but will keep an eye on it when it comes out.

      • If Tiglet is anything to go by what the current generation is singing is
        The on the bus goes

        It is actually rather good for mental gymnastics. The normal animal type things are ok, a mouse goes squeak squeak squeak, a cow goes moo moo moo and a lion goes roar roar roar. It gets more interesting when you have things like coffee gets glug glug glugged, the apple goes crunch crunch crunch and the shoes go stomp stomp stomp.
        But hard mode kicks in when she says sing the leaf on the bus, the pasta on the bus or she starts getting meta and asks for the bus on the bus.
        The bus on the bus goes bus, bus, bus; bus, bus, bus; bus, bus, bus. The bus on the bus goes bus, bus, bus all bus bus.

  • Hey guys!

    Just a quick update in regards to @scree. She wanted to thank everyone for the kind replies (she really does appreciate it). For those interested in what happened I have posted it in spoilers below.

    Basically what’s happened is Scree’s brother has been really aggressive towards her (in her face yelling, blocking doorways so she can’t leave, snatching the phone out of her hand, etc…). With a tonne of pestering from me and others she finally called the police and he’s been removed for now.

    Unfortunately this has set off some of the anxiety she’s spent years being able to keep under control. She said she will probably still be lurking in TAY but doesn’t feel confident enough to start posting again.


    Scree wanted me to keep you all updated. (in spoilers below)

    She went to court yesterday (spent about 4 hours waiting) to figure out what’s happening with her brother. Long story short she’s taken out a Family Violence Intervention Order (FVO) which means he can still live with them but will be charged by police if he tries the same thing again (Scree and her mother were concerned about money and him being homeless if he was kicked out).

    • Her actual words were “TAY people make me want to cry”

      So either we are all really nice or horrible monsters!

    • @scree Mixed bag from me, on one side I’m glad you did something about your brother as from what little you’ve posted on here it sounded like he was creating a very volatile environment for you and your mom. But on the other side I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you to do but as your mom’s carer keeping your home safe for the both of you was probably the best thing in the long run. Hope you feel better soon (without you I doubt we’ll even make it to page 3 by the end of the week!) and my offer for help still stands!

    • Please send her my good wishes. She always responds to my questions in TAY which i really appreciate. My wife has a brother that is very similar so i know how she feels.

    • Oh damn.
      All my regards @Scree , I hope things get better.
      Props for sticking to your guns and going to the cops though. That would have been hard.
      Let me know if you want to play some Overwatch, even if I’m on WoW or whatever.


    *desperately rolls face on keyboard in hopes it purchases it*

  • So BNET broke up with me the past 2 days so I restarted my No Man’s Sky run and decided to spend a few hours on my starting planet. It’s a pretty barren place but thankfully is habitable so I’m not constantly recharging my life support. Also I see that Hello Games have greatly boosted starting storage capacity and made it cheaper to recharge your suit/weapon which was some much needed quality of life improvements. I can actually just get stuck into exploring now, my only remaining qualm to make the game more user-friendly would be travelling from Point A to Point B planet side. At the very least a teleport to ship option since im constantly stopping how far I travel because I’m dreading the boring walk back.

      • Yeah previously elements only stacked to 100 in both the suit and ship. Now the suit can stack them to 250 in a single stack and the ship can hold 500 of a single stack.

    • I made the mistake of going on a wander on one planet. By the time I’d found what I was looking for, I was a 30 minute walk away from my ship. Was a long, uneventful walk/swim back. That was the trip I learned you can use your jetpack to dive and propel yourself through water at high speeds… if you don’t mind pretending to be a dolphin 😛

      • Yeah it seems kind of insane they don’t have a return to ship function, its so counter-intuitive to the exploration experience.

          • Yeah but they seem few and far between? Or are they more frequent than I’ve been reading online?

          • They tend to be at major ones (abandoned facilities, trading posts) but they’re just a little pillar that looks like one of those posts that the NBN connects through so they can be hard to spot

  • I wasn’t onto it day one like @strange but have finally got around to listening to Sabaton’s new album.
    Overall I like it. I think Strange said it made her want to listen to Carolus Rex again and I’m not sure if that was an insult or a compliment. It is not as good as Carolus Rex but then again that is one of my all time favourite albums so I didn’t expect it to. It did also make me want to listen to it again but more because the style is similar and has a lot of the stuff I like.
    Will need to listen to it a couple more times to see where it fits on the scale, there is a number of tracks I like on there which would make regular playlist. Also they have Blood of Bannockburn which I have a ancestral connection to so I probably like that more than some others would,
    I found it fair superior to there last effort Heroes which I didn’t like much.
    The whole concept of last stands is one that appeals so I would say it could be equal to the likes of Art of War

    • I think I prefer Heroes over Last Stand, but yea, nothing really tops Carolus Rex. Will need to listen to it again on working headphones, but it seemed like the keyboards were a little too overpowering for my taste. The theme’s good, but it induced two days of humming Konungens Likfärd*, rather than really catching me with any of its own songs.

      Edit: *Ah, the one before Ruina imperii… can’t remember the name of English release…

      • I wasn’t a fan of Heroes. It was like a paint by numbers version of Sabaton. Which made sense when Joakim explained that he didn’t want to delve into new territory so the new guys weren’t blamed if people didn’t like it. I guess that’s why I expected The Last Stand to be better, though.

        • I dunno – maybe the theme spoke to me more in Heroes – as I said, I’ll need to set aside some time to listen to it properly, but Last Stand seemed… I dunno, disjointed? Heroes did a pretty good job of restricting its scope to WWI&II, and also of summarising the events – No Bullets Fly, Resist and Bite and Far From the Fame leave little doubt as to who/what/when/where and why these figures were so exceptional. I’m not all that familiar with all the stories in this one – I only really recognised Leonidas’ stand against the Persians, which I felt was, while fitting with the theme, a bit temporally out of place, from what I recall of the other songs; and I grasped the ties to the Vietnam War in Camouflage.

          But I don’t feel any more enlightened after my first listen as to the contexts of the other songs – again, another reason I want to listen to it properly – this time with wikipedia open, methinks.

          • If you like the stories behind it listen to the track commentary. You will know a lot of the last stands (some a very famous) but others are specially almost unknown. One of the things I really like is actually finding out about the stories behind the songs and I think you sound the same.
            In the the final track The last battle is a good example, it is the only time during WW2 that the US and Germany army fought together. Basically the SS was planning to march on a prisoner of war camp and kill all the prisoners there. Both the US army and German army volunteers decide that isn’t going to happen so fight together to stop the SS killing the POWs.
            Leonidas’ stand isn’t really that out of place once you work out the other ones as they cover a whole range of history, Wing Hussars were mounted cavalry and another is set during roman empire. Rorke’s drift is the famous stand of the red coats against the Zulu. Shiroyama is basically the final stand that the movie The last samurai is based on. Bannockburn highlanders with claymores (Braveheart) with a bit of WW2 and Afghanistan thrown in.

            Although maybe I should give heroes another shot, was early in my Sabaton listening so I was still mainlining Carolus Rex when it came out.

          • I like the stories, but need the music to really hook me – I’m a “music first, lyrics after” kinda guy – and I didn’t really feel it with Last Stand – but again, it could easily have been down to the headphones. Knew I should’ve waited, but I was impatient. :S

            As for Heroes, there’s only one song that I didn’t absolutely love on first listen… and the more I looked into the stories behind each song, the more I enjoyed them. Hearts of Iron‘s tale of the evacuation of Berlin, the way it humanised the German soldiers – likely hits me a bit harder having grown up with a lot of 50s-60s British comedy that played a lot on the “All Nazis are evil” idea… Far From the Fame‘s tragic tale always manages to draw me into its melancholic atmosphere… and my first time reading about its source material was like a slap in the face. As a whole, I put it one step below CR – their other albums have had individual standout tracks, but CR and Heroes have been the most cohesive and consistently emotive, at least in my mind.

        • That’s the one. I stick to the Swedish release for Carolus Rex, so don’t really know hte English versions too well – the English one sounds weird, and the rolling ‘R’s in Swedish make it doubly fun to sing along to – they’re almost syllables unto themselves 😛 “Dod vi rikets rand, drommen rann ut i sand, leve Carolus / Buren hem for hand, ater til Svealand leve Carolus Rex.” …so good… XD

    • There was nothing in it that stood out for me yet. I’ve only listened to it a few times though, because Mr. Strange bought the edition that came with a tank so I don’t want to listen to it with him around and spoilerise it for him before his tank even gets here.
      It made me want to listen to Carolus Rex because it reminded me that it took a fair few listens for me to get into that album so I’m not yet sure if that was an insult or a compliment yet, either. 😛 My current opinion on Carolus Rex is that it’s a masterpiece, so hopefully The Last Stand will end up like that as well.
      I’m worried I won’t like it, though. I’m different to what I was at the height of my love for Sabaton’s music and I’ve gone into full on fantasy metal mode recently so it may explain a little of why the slap in the face reality of Sabaton isn’t working for me as much anymore.
      And speaking of fantasy metal, Twilight Force have their new album out tomorrow, and Joakim from Sabaton will guest star on a song again (did you listen to Gates Of Glory from their first album? So good!).

      • For some reason Gates of glory always reminds me of late 80s cartoons. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But good to know they have a new album out, will need to check that out as I do enjoy their sound.
        I don’t think it will end up Carolus Rex level good but currently I can name a number of tracks I like. Blood of Bannockburn, Sparta and Winged Hussars. The last stand as well, although I need another couple of listens to that to decide.
        Compared to heroes where I can’t name a single track I like atm although in fairness I haven’t listened to it in over a year.

  • Last song played game time!!

    Episode 5 – Doomsday Prepper – siblings Peculiar podcast.

    what are you listening to

    Are you playing Deus Ex?

    I am, and loving it

    • If by “play” you mean “bought it and will now let it sit in my Steam library while I do other things” , then yes!
      Really enjoying playing it so far. The best part is the part where things happen and people get split. Or the part where the humans get separated, and especially when those folk over there go different ways.

    • Started this morning. Got thoroughly confused by a triangle that asked me to scan it, but could find no way to do so. Shot a few dudes with a tranq rifle (because there’s something oddly appealing about being able to snipe people without compromising my non-lethal preference), hoping Jensen’s mechanical arms become a little more sturdy as the game progresses – one would think augmented arms would allow you to keep your aim steady. 😛

      • I got confused when the triangle told me to scan it because my prefered augment manafacturer is Microsoft

        • I figured/kinda-hoped Jensen was going to get handed a phone at some point later on. 😛

          It just really irks me when games that so heavily invest in immersing the player in an amazingly interesting world, negate all that effort by asking them to get up and retrieve something from the other side of the room in order to proceed.

      • Triangle codes aren’t really essential, but you do get some cool little making of movies.

        • Oh, it’s meta stuff? Cool, I can ignore them, then. The way it was worded, it sounded like it unlocked game lore of some kind, which I would have been compelled to track down.

          • Of the two I’ve watched, one was about the Icarus symbology in the opening, the other was an interview with the Aussie voice actor who keeps wondering how I got lost on the way to the office while I’m dicking about in Prague.

    • Haven’t really been listening to music the past couple of days.
      Broke the drought with Meshuggah’s new song. It’s nice.

      My favourite part of that game is when JC gets off the boat and talks to his brother.

  • @jocon finally got confirmation from a blue post that DH’s go on the Conq tokens.

    On an unrelated note I am so glad I finished up most of our recruiting a month ago, going through the forums now there are these incessant troll guilds reviving recruitment posts from players that posted like 4-6 weeks ago completely flooding the forums with dead posts.

    • Is there anywhere that actually says who drops the tokens and how that will work?

      Yeah was a good call to start early – get the good peeps, miss the rush, get prepared well in advance.
      Also I see you got in another Mage for a 17 group? Cool.

      How you feeling about it all? Still solid, everyone looking reliable?

      • If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting recruitment is even the most reliable players can just up and leave. ATM we’re still a 16 man team, lost another raider over the weekend because she wanted to raid with her husband in a casual guild (which fair enough, cant do much about that). She also donated 25k to the guild bank for repairs before leaving which was nice.

        However on the good news side following our meeting on Thursday quite a few players have stepped up asking to take more on to help carry the load of the guild. However I’m loathe to delegate key responsibilities until I see how players interact in repeated raid situations, no point creating officers that rub the majority of the group the wrong way or don’t have the skill level to be a paragon of the guild.

        Also side update I’ve resumed recruiting to push the group to a max of 20-25 players (however recruiting is super slow atm, getting absolute shit recruits this close to legion) and a lot more guilds competing for players. You should see some of the looking for guild posts, 2 liners with 0 effort. Compared to posts of some of the players we have on board they’d be a poor addition.

  • Why is the jump from guild 5 to guild so ridiculous? My armour is quite literally doing nothing and my Palicoes suck. Zzzzzz

    Why do people keep stealing my bycicle in Miscreated, I always end up having to go out and murder people in order to find another one 🙁
    -End Rant

    • So now i’m thinking i’ll buy a Melbourne ticket for the show on Halloween >_>

      Plus I could do with a few days away..

  • Whats happening peeps? its been a while! havent been able to jump on here as much since i changed roles at work…

    in gaming news, finally got my NBN connection (100/40) so ive been hosting some gameservers, starting to do some live streaming on twitch, we did a live video twitch stream of our latest podcast episode so yeah!

    also was really keen on getting into vr but couldnt afford the $1100+ for a CV1 Oculus or Vive, so i bought a second hand DK2 in almost new condition. been trying out heaps of VR stuff, and discovered VR doesnt have any ill effects on me (ive worn that thing for hours straight) which is awesome. if anyone can recommend some vr stuff throw it at me!

    other than that been playing lots of Ark and Rust. (Running our own ark server, search “syndicate” on the unnoficial servers list and select – AU_PVP1″

    whats everyone else been up to?

    • There’s free shipping on Rifts at Oculus’ site til the end of the month, saves a nice chunk 😛

      Windlands is really cool, it’s like being Spiderman in a Wind Waker looking world. Pinball FX 2 is great, just like the real thing and I think they just had their first round of DLC drop too so there’s even more tables available now. A lot of the higher-priced stuff comes pretty well recommended, I’ve only briefly tried a little of Chronos but it seemed cool so far, gave me a bit of an Eternal Darkness vibe. And Elite is probably the best thing ever but I’m pretty biased towards that.

  • Hey all!

    Loving the new Deus Ex, basically the same as Human Revolution but with more powers.

    Also, updated my previous post about Scree for those interested.

  • Just found out Orianthi & Richie Sambora are touring Australia next month. $360 for meet & greet packages, how about no. It’s $100 for seats up the back wtf :/ $130 for standing. I wanted to go, guess I won’t be now.

  • Forgot my house keys and got so pissed off that I smashed my gym earbuds case on the driveway.
    Managed to get inside, but I’m still pissed off, and don’t ask.

  • Very sad day today. Farewelled a cousin who passed away. He was only 32 and died from a hereditary disease that took his younger brother a few years ago. Seeing my Aunt and his sisters today was just heartbreaking. Give your loved ones an extra big hug tonight.

  • Just bought a piano. Almost out of frustration because the traffic was shit and I got there right on closing (though they seemed to be staying back later anyway?) and in general I was just over dealing with this at all though really I’d pretty much made up my mind anyway I’m sure it’ll be fine. Maybe.

    Now onto the other things that need dealing with.

    • How much? Type? Pics?

      I bought a digital one when I moved here. Was aiming for like a mid end one and ended up going like 4* over budget to get the high end one after watching some videos… #YOLO

      • Roland FP-30. Didn’t reeeeally want to spend too much since I’ve already got my Clavinova (rather old though – still equipped with floppy drive :P), I just needed something that was portable. In that price range was this, the Kawai ES100, Yamaha P115, Casio PX160, and sliiightly over but still close thanks to one place’s special, the PX360. On paper the 360 sounded like the winner, does basically everything my Clavi can do and people on the internets seemed to like it. But once I actually tried them in person, the Casio’s action was shiiiiit. Super bouncy keys, they were never ready to be pressed again when I needed them, dropped notes all over the place. And the Yamahas seem super dated, they don’t feel or sound good at all. The Kawai was ok, but still felt a little mushy. The ES8 felt and sounded better, but that was like two and a half times the price. The Roland felt and sounded slightly better than that, so was pretty much the winner. Just some minor annoyances in that it has digital click volume control rather than an analogue slider, and the lack of any kind of screen or anything makes choosing settings and stuff a little convoluted. But it’s a great unit for the price, and the lady did me a deal on one of their stands since it was a display model – bench type rather than cross so I won’t be banging my shins against it. Oh and another plus for the Roland – its pedal has a rubber foot on a swivel so you can anchor it under your heel, and it won’t be able to run away like most of the other standalone pedals. Although with how much of a hefty mofo the Kawai ones are, I wonder whether they would be able to run away at all either 😛

      • Then it turns out it doesn’t come with the pedal the lady told me it did, and the stand seems like an awkward fit for the feet and might not be so suitable after all and it’s not over yet ;_;

        • I got a bench stand too but it’s still way too high and I regret everything ;_;

          Got the Yamaha P255 btw, didn’t really consider other brands as I don’t mind Yamaha and initially had my eyes on the P115 thooo

          • Ooh, pricey :p And a bit chunky I think? Can’t remember, fairly sure it was a bit bigger than the 115 and 45. FP30’s nice and slim, and only 14kg. And yeah, even at minimum height the bench stand seems to be too tall by about two inches. Not sure if that’s the fault of the stand or just that the piano itself is particularly tall, I guess because it’s got the weighted keys instead of just being a regular keyboard.

    • I really liked it, but it seems like people had some serious issues with it. To me it’s just running and jumping like the first. I’m not sure if people had their hopes up too high or what.

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