Temporary Power Outage At Tokyo Disneyland And DisneySea

Heavy rain and thunderstorms battered the Happiest Place in Japan earlier today, seeming to cause the theme parks to temporarily lose power.

[Images: 007Taiki | ng111 | chip0319dale | RikoAloalo | NjZw9LMo3fQwzQy]

During the downpour and the lightning, people headed for cover.

The weather also impacted the attractions.

The water stopped flowing at Splash Mountain.

Aquatopia at Tokyo DisneySea dried up too during the momentary power outage, as water was no longer pumped into the attraction. (It's supposed to look like this.)

Some lights remained on, but characters stopped moving (they kept talking, though).

Some attractions stopped completely, which would suck if you spent a couple hours waiting for, say, the Indiana Jones ride.

People on Splash Mountain killed time with their phones.

All the lights and flatscreen monitors shut off in this Disneyland restaurant.

Kinda spooky, huh?

Those whose rides were interrupted got priority admission tickets.

Thankfully, the power outage was not long at all, and soon after, the sky cleared up.


    The power went out at my place the other day...

    Guest blog maybe?

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