That Big-Arse Captain America Statue Will Be Altered To Honour Joe Simon And Jack Kirby, Too

Next week, a 4m statue of Captain America will be unveiled in Brooklyn to celebrate the character's 75 anniversary. Happily, when this happens the two people who created Captain America will also merit a mention or two. The news comes from a petition that was started three weeks ago to get Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's name engraved on the statue. That request appears to have been honoured. According to a post on the petition's page, Marvel has agreed to put Simon and Kirby's names on the statue. They even included a screenshot of the invitation to next week's unveiling that has "Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby" on it.

As nice as this is, it would be even nicer if remembering to name the creators of comic book characters was the default and not something that companies needed to be reminded to do.

[Bleeding Cool]


    Arent people worried that some might begin to think Captain America was real?

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but humans never cease to amaze me with just how........flexible we can be.

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