That Final Fantasy XV Movie Is Coming To Australian Cinemas

It features the voices of Game of Thrones vets Lena Headey and Sean Bean, but Australians worried they wouldn't get the chance to watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV at cinemas. They needn't have stressed. Madman has announced it will be showing Kingsglaive in a number of theatres throughout Australia.

It comes off the back off fan pressure, including the all-powerful INTERNET PETITION. That one only got 51 signatures, but that was enough to convince the right people that Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV should get a cinematic release here.

It doesn't seem to be half-assed either. It's a limited release, but if the official site is to be believed, a large number of cinemas all states and territories in Australia will have cinemas showing the movie. It also appears to be getting a release in New Zealand.

Very cool. The movie starts showing on August 27, which is a week from tomorrow.


    Maybe it will be better than the last Final Fantasy movie I saw in a cinema.

      Oh god The Spirits Within..... People complaining about DC being ruined have got nothing on those of us who witnessed this abomination.

        I was lucky that I only rented it on dvd but I still had to spend a week in hospital.

      It wasn't really final fantasy, but i liked the movie.

    Serrels link syndrome strikes again :P
    Locations are here:

    Last edited 19/08/16 4:36 pm

    Got my tickets the other day. Can't wait!

    Got my tickets for XTREME SCREEN can't wait

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