The Beauty Of No Man’s Sky

The Beauty Of No Man’s Sky

If you’ve been playing on No Man’s Sky on PC, you’ll probably have been a little perplexed at the visual quality out of the box. But there’s good news — when everything is turned up and working properly, it looks extraordinary. But don’t take my word for it.

Some of the more esteemed members of the screenshotting community, a site dedicated to the art of crafting beautiful screenshots (or in-game photography), have been mucking about with Hello Games’ space sandbox over the last few days.

Their work is much closer to what people imagined No Man’s Sky would be — at least on PC, anyway. The photos below are from jim2point0, Berduu, and Yousbob, and you can view their full galleries via the photos below as well.

No man's Sky
No Man's Wonderland
"Planet Outrun"
"Trader Joe"
"Rust in Peace"
No man's Sky


    • Nope. Mine works fine too. Not sure if it is because I changed some settings. I tried a whole bunch of different combinations Anisotropic filtering (including NVidia drivers forcing it) and all my screenshots looked the same (so I don’t think that makes any difference). It might just be a graphics card/driver thing.

      Mine’s set to use SMAAx4 anti-aliasing, no V-Sync, everything on the highest quality, and it looks like those screens. Fullscreen and Borderless look the same. And 90fps.

      My CPU is incredibly old (Intel 2000 series), but my video card is a 980TI. I’m running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and everything on the computer is up-to-date. I’m also running the GOG version… not sure if that makes a difference.

      Figured I’d just list what I’m using in case it helps. No graphics issues. No crashes. No stuttering.

      • I knew it. As soon as I post… 3 crashes in the last 5 minutes after playing without any troubles for hours and hours and hours. This is why you never post saying you aren’t crashing.

        • Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear that you’ve started having problems.

          I’m keen to check it out but I think I’ll wait a few months to see if they can get it a bit more reliable. Not sure how well my 660Ti would be up to the task either.

  • I had a few days of “Rubbish planet, another rubbish planet, another stupid rubbish planet” then last night I stumbled on a planet that actually made my jaw drop. Spent hours running around the planet mining and didn’t want to leave ’cause it was just so good. Something about the lighting effects and the way they worked on this planet. It was like the grass kept changing shade of colour as it collected the light of several moons. Amazing effect that I hadn’t seen until yesterday.

    • I believe that it stands to reason that most planets are going to be boring, mono-thematic rocks, while the Earth like planets or better (the ones that look out of a fantasy book) are rare gems. I think traditional games and their sense of progression have “trained” players to always completely “play out” a world (or stage/course/etc) before moving to the next, but in NMS you may actually wish to quickly leave a planet if a perfunctory skim shows it to be mostly boring or bland.

      You certainly cannot mine out and explore every nook and cranny of every single of the millions of planets in the game, so might as well spend your efforts finding the ones that are worth your time.

  • I need to start system jumping for a bit, Ive only visited 5-6 systems so far, haven’t even left the region lol

  • now if only we could get rid of the UI on PS4, so many times i have wanted to take clean shots, up to my 15 planet in only my third systems. every planet has been remarkable different and amazing.

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