The Best Resident Evil Cosplay Of 2016

Nothing will top this. Nothing.

[Image: Gigazine]

That is, unless cosplayer Gai does another outfit, then maybe it will be surpassed. If not, this cosplay of William Birkin's Stage 1 transformation will safely secure the top spot.

If this looks familiar, that's because Gai previously did Birkin's Stage 2 transformation.

[Image: Gigazine]

Japanese website Gigazine took the above images. Ditto for the one below.

[Image: Gigazine]

A closer look at Stage 1:


The cosplay was shown at this year's World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.

To fully appreciate how incredible and realistic the costume is, here is the top half resting on a suitcase.

And on the ground.

There are still three Birkin forms that Gai hasn't done yet, with Stage 5 looking like it'd be the biggest challenge.


    Holy crap, I didn't realise the head and face were not real!!

    Last edited 09/08/16 1:25 am

      Same. When I saw that laying on the ground I was shocked!

    I remember the stage 2 cosplay. The eye moves and everything.

    This guy is amazing.

    I think most people cosplay with at least some expectation of getting a shag out of it. Not sure that can be said of this guy though.

    Last edited 09/08/16 2:12 pm

      He's going to try to hook up with his daughter later on

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