The Internet Reacts To Konami's New Metal Gear Game 

Here we go. Konami is making a new title called Metal Gear Survive. And you better believe the internet has opinions about it! [Image: IGN | YouTube]

Taking place in an alternative universe, it's a co-op survival game that's set after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This is the first Metal Gear Solid console game, not pachi-slot remake, that Konami has announced since series creator Hideo Kojima left.

What do people think of the debut trailer? As of writing, here are the YouTube clip's "likes" and "dislikes".

Ouch. Let's have a look at more opinions from around the internet:


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There's one reaction that is missing, and it belongs to Hideo Kojima.


    It's totally umbrella corps, but at least that was a critical and commercial success.

      The bar was that low?

        The bar goes even lower now that lost reavers is a thing.

        Also, sarcasm.

          Was about to ask what it was, I then hit up my buddy google.... my buddy is a F**K head.

          The bar was so low that Shemika Charles would be like "Yeah, F**K THAT".

    How do we capsulate the complex characters of Metal Gear with rich backstories and that epic universe populated with their story... lets create a generic no name soldier with no backstory and literally rip him out of that universe into a desserted planet to survive.

    ... oh and add zombies.

    You missed this gem:

    I have no faith in this, Metal Gear name or not, after my experience with the netcode on MGO. Pretty much unplayable unless you were chosen as the host for the game which I assume meant every other player was having a shitty time.

    "We want Silent Hills!"
    "We want more Metal Gear!"

    Konami: "Hey, I have an idea..."

    It doesnt look interesting at all, both as an extension of MGSV and just a game in general....

    Hey now people give it a chance for all you know it could become a great survival game.....but then again kojima's ( he's not as great as everybody says he is.....hell he's one of the most arrogant game devs i have ever seen ) rabid as all fuck fans will see to that not happening

      The problem is that there's no reason for this to be a Metal Gear game. There's no indication that it's anything but a stock standard survival zombie co-op game (which aren't exactly rare gems in the gaming landscape at the moment), with a Metal Gear theme slapped on it.

      And even if you don't like Kojima, Metal Gear was his creation. Not Konami's. His. If it wasn't for the brief reference, and the title, there'd be no indication this was a Metal Gear game at all. There's no intrigue, no philosophy at all. It's just zombie killing.

    Ummmmmmmmmm, not sure if serious or joking......

    either way, I am not laughing

    Is this Decoy Octopus? Because it's clearly a reskin.


    No, seriously, fuck 'em. I don't even care about the game. I just want to see the worst fucking games company in the world get what's coming to them. Fuck 'em. FUCK 'EM, YOU HEAR ME!

    It's when this game doesn't sell anywhere near the numbers previous MGS games have, that Konami will realise they screwed up bigtime by destroying their relationship with Kojima.

    I played through MGSV as one of the nameless Diamond Dog soldiers. I loved the idea of being this shadowy character who I could invent my own stories with so i welcome the change. The FoxEngine is amazing, even just having a new landscape to do things in should help. This game certainly won't live up to Phantom Pain but co-op MGS could be amazing. Sure the zombies, bows, survival trope is in every title these days but the best recent experience I can think of something similar is the survival modes in Rise of the Tomb Raider which I absolutely love. Take that and throw it in FoxEngine with a couple of buddies and I'm sold.

    I'm actually pretty hyped for this. Think about it. MGS V was great, and not for its MGS story.

    If they can manage to pilfer MGS V's open world, research/base-upgrading/weapon-upgrading, companions, stealth, resource-gathering, and intel-gathering, army management, and ball it up together in a co-op zombie survival/base defence game, that ticks more boxes than I could ever dare to dream to put on one list.

    Last edited 18/08/16 5:44 pm

      I've never before disagreed so hard with you from a place of pure emotional turmoil.

      I'll just ride your hype coat tails. I hope it turns out terrific. Maybe I could join your co-op team in Survive....that could be fun. :-)

      On a related note, I'm playing MGSV currently. I'm at about 54% complete and I've clocked up about 140+ hrs of gameplay! My goodness, I absolutely LOVE it. I had no idea I was going to get into it so much. I have a massive 'Gaming Pile O Shame', but that's not even a concern.....

      I'd have to agree with this. The stories in MGS 4 and 5 were woeful and deeply problematic for so many reasons. But the gameplay compensated for this big-time, particularly in 5.

      Kicking Kojima off the franchise might actually be good for Metal Gear. It's been fifteen years since the storytelling in the franchise was great. Why not try something different? It might even be okay.

      And can you imagine researching and building a Metal Gear, and then taking it out to liberate a town of its zombies? CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

    As usual the internet reacts in ways only the internet knows how to... by judging the whole games based on a debut trailer

    Stay classy internet

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