The Live-Action Tiger And Bunny Film Just Got A Screenwriter

The Live-Action Tiger And Bunny Film Just Got A Screenwriter

The popular Japanese anime TV series turned film franchise Tiger and Bunny is coming to the West. Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and others have hired screenwriter Ellen Shanman to adapt the work into live-action form. Created by Masakazu Katsura in 2011, Tiger and Bunny is kind of like a Lethal Weapon with superheroes, set in a world where superheroes protect citizens and a hot shot new hero, Bunny, gets paired up with a crusty veteran, Tiger.

“As we move forward in developing the wonderful ‘Tiger & Bunny’ film, we are delighted to add a true rising star in Ellen Shanman to bring the story and characters to life,” Ron Howard said in a press release. “Ellen’s strong, visionary, creative voice is a perfect match to adapt this wildly popular story for new audiences.”

Imagine is teaming with All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW), and Bandai Namco Pictures on the film, which they first announced at New York Comic-Con 2015. Hiring Shanman is the first major step since then.

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  • Loved the series, still haven’t gotten around to seeing the movies though.

    Live action could be good, if done well.

  • Is this a good anime?
    Been itching for something good to binge.

    anyone able to tell me if it’s got those typical annoying cutesy characters that 80% seem to have?
    You know like a stupid talking teddy bear, or some annoying high pitch school girl, maybe a bunch of talking animals that serve no purpose to the story?


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