The Making Of Godzilla Resurgence's Special Effects

Video: The computer graphics in Godzilla Resurgence are quite good. Let's see how they all came together. [GIF via Toho]

While I have mixed feelings about the film itself, I loved the look of it, the camera setups and the CG.

The CG felt tactile and heavy like the models and miniature sets of the past. As Kotaku previously reported, a Japanese stage actor did Godzilla's motion capture performance. It's the 21st century's version of suit-acting, and it does bring realism to the character's movements.

The CG is a nice look. I hope it's the blueprint for future films.


    Looks bizarre with tiny T-Rex arms..

      the way the whole upper body just doesn't seem to move at all is really weird considering how relatively decent the rest of it looks.

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