The New Dark Souls DLC Looks Absolutely Mental

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Jesus wept. One of the new bosses looks like it's emptying lava on your head from the Lord Vessel.

Okay, I might be nerding out a little bit over here. This looks pretty incredible.

It's called Ashes of Ariandel and will be available October 25 on the PlayStation 4.

For those that are spoiler-wary, a large number of new bosses are shown in this trailer, but I suggest watching it because it looks freaking awesome.

Also: here is some gorgeous looking art used to create the upcoming DLC.

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I am very keen for this. Very keen.



    Also boomerang magic. So there's that.

    Most game trailers show game play of the player doing well against their bosses. I appreciate how DS trailers show them getting pummeled.

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    I am doing my NG+++ right now and collecting Boss Souls just in case they are needed for the Vessel. Keen. So keen.


      I'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment. I thought the Twin Princes were the final boss, so I was really putting off that castle area/bumming around the grand archives. Turns out they are not, even with all the side-sections I'm yet to do.

      I was just having fun at the Pontiff's bonfire fight club but I also haven't had the urge to press on either. I literally fell of a cliff in this game and haven't touched it since living and breathing it release.

      Should I push on and try and finish the game before this comes out? I know what these games are like when it comes to DLC. Sneaky as.

        If the last few are anything to go by, you 'finish' the game or at least as far as you can up until avoiding NG+, then do the hard-as-fucking-nails DLC without the additional difficulty of being in NG+ by the time you get to it.

          Well yeah, that's what I mean. Also the fact that From like to wedge the DLC access point halfway into through the story.

          It's why I took the foot off the pedal when playing Bloodborne. That was contrived.

          That's why I'm holding off for the complete edition. I bought Bloodborne day 1, finished it, then moved on. When the DLC came out I had to either start a NG+ with my existing character or start a new game from scratch and would then have to invest the time to slog through the game to get to where the DLC was. Just couldn't be bothered, so I thought it would be safer this time to wait for all the DLC to come out first before taking the plunge.

        2 parts of the trailer had me worried for what the benchmark for entry would be.
        a. One of the bosses in the trailer is fighting with a lord vessel. which makes me think that maybe we need to fill it with boss souls.
        b. The end of the trailer shows a montage of bosses from the base game, which just reinforced my fear of what was needed to enter the DLC.

        **Note, since my inital post, I have finished NG+++ and I have almost all of the boss souls in inventory. My body is ready.

          I bow to thee and requesteth thou secrets.

          Are you seeing many players around still? I'd have thought you'd be over-levelled for PVP/fight clubs by now.

            I am level 166 now. I dont see many summon signs lately. I have been making sure to complete NPC quest lines so that if I am stuck on a boss, I can summon at least one in.
            I have been on Fextralife's wiki a fair amount and watching Vaati Vidya's youtube channel to learn about bosses, their weaknesses and where to locate gems to infuse weapons.

            Also, watch IGN's Prepare To Try series. Watching a Noob fumble their way through is a great way to learn what not to do.

            Before I enter NG+ I go find all the titanite shards, chunks, slabs. I get all of the Crystal Lizards and I try to find all of the rings.

            Add me on Steam. KROWEE.

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              Cheers, ashen one.

              Rocking the PS4 version but I've been eyeing off the strong community that Steam's got for the series in general. Did a playthrough of DS1 last year, as a matter of fact.

              I can't remember my exact level. 70s range I think. Dex build. I suppose I'm marking time not wanting to level too further because I enjoy the PVP I'm seeing. Again, I also haven't touched the game since about May.

              A new wrinkle to this game is apparently if I upgrade my weapons past +6 I also lose some match-making possibilities as well. End result is too many weapons to choose from and too many souls that I am not sure what to spend on.

    Any word on when the complete edition of this is coming out?

      Not till mid next year I'd say, there's another DLC due out "early" next year, it could release with the second dlc like The Old Hunters did with Bloodborne.

      I HOPE the second DLC is delayed, I want it to be huge, plus its goodbye and I'm not going to be ready to say bye

    I know I am beating a dead horse, but I recently went to back DS1 and now I just dont find DS3 intesting. There is something about DS3 that feels really hollow and I just can't put my finger on it.

      No no, you've got it wrong. Dark Souls 1 was hollow, Dark Souls 3 was ashen.


          I forced myself to finish DS3 even though I just wasn't that into it, I just figured I was burnt out on the formula based off playing the first 2 + Bloodborne.

            I would suggest going back to DS1 at some point, it still plays really well.

    Does anybody else get ads over Marks writing when viewing on their phones?

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    Am I really the only one who just thought... NOPE! I can't wait to get back in and try and finish my game but this just looks like more punishment - attractive punishment but i dont know if my psyche could handle this!!!

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