The New Zelda Is Looking Like The Craziest Zelda

The New Zelda Is Looking Like The Craziest Zelda
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The more I see of Breath of the Wild, the sadder I am that it’s not coming out this year.

Nintendo released some new video footage of the game early this morning via Twitter, showing off a little more of the in-game physics with runes and explosives.

Link first uses runes as blocks of ice to traverse over a lake, and at the end he’s able to aim an explosive barrel into a group of enemies by seemingly slashing at it. There’s also extra footage of the Magnesis ability, which Nintendo showed off yesterday. (It’s included below if you missed that, however.)

There looked like a little frame rate drop at the end with the explosion and fire. Still, the new Zelda is looking nuts. For a Zelda game, anyway.


  • I’ve got high expectations for this like I do every Zelda game. The last one I finished through to completion was Skyward Sword, which if anything was under-rated.

    Definitely grabbing this on Wii U however, the remakes were nice but ultimately they were remakes. Late-gen Zelda is always best Zelda.

    • I’m re-playing through Skyward Sword with my nephew now. Some parts are completely aggravating, like flying and dowsing and replacing worn-out shields. But then the temples and other classic Zelda tropes are great.

      So stoked for Breath of the Wild. Might get a console at launch, something I have never done.

    • Late-gen Zelda is always best Zelda.

      I can agree with that when I think of Gamecube Twilight Princess vs Wii Twilight Princess.

  • I’m still waiting on NX news and waiting to see what this game looks like on it. If the rumours are true and the NX is at least as powerful as a Xbone or PS4 I will be happy to purchase it, if it still under developers in graphical power then devs will continue to ignore it for the most part like they did with the WiiU

  • Graphics weren’t really the issue, devs were still releasing current gen games on last gen hardware (like AC or CoD) well into the Wii U’s life. They mainly ignored the Wii U because it was largely incompatible with other current gen engines, adequately implementing the controller proved too complex a task for most, and the console didn’t sell well, so it was hard to justify the extra difficulty of developing for it.

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