The Newest Batman Video Game Changes Up Bat-Lore In Some Big Ways

Released last week, the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series has players controlling a Bruce Wayne who's trying to balance his life after just starting out on a one-man war on crime. The new title operates on a premise that longtime comic-book readers will find familiar, but there's a lot that's really different about this version of Gotham City. Most everything about the Batman construct Bruce Wayne takes out into the night in Telltale's new series hits on well-known aspects of latter-day iterations, updated to feel like a very modern Dark Knight. Bruce and Alfred text back and forth with each other, the hot-shit sportscar that Bruce tools around in transforms into the Batmobile and it's implied that they have a swarm of drones constantly monitoring Gotham. But the biggest changes in Telltale's pocket Bat-verse are in the appearances and relationships between characters. For example, the Alfred model looks a bit like actor Alan Napier, who played Batman's butler in the 1960s TV series. Telltale's saying that this game is a remix of established Bat-history. Here's a look at the tweaks presented in episode one:

Oswald Cobblepot Is a Hunky Anarchist Now

The man who would be Penguin sports a look that's likely inspired by the Oswald showing up on TV screens as part of the Gotham show. In Telltale's Batman, he's a childhood friend of Bruce's who has wound up on the opposite side of the law. When he reunites with Bruce, he spouts a bunch of apocalyptic economic restructuring rhetoric that's definitely a bit of foreshadowing for future drama.

Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle Are Dating

Video via Gamer Guru

In episode one, Harvey Dent is running for mayor and asks Bruce to host a fundraiser where his friend will endorse him. Alleged crime boss Carmine Falcone is backing Dent and crashes the party to try and buddy up with Bruce. Later, Harvey and Bruce have dinner, joined by the district attorney's new girlfriend. Batman and Catwoman tussled in the game's opening encounter, leaving each other with distinctive injuries that left marks visible in their civilian identities, and they have a tense convo about their nocturnal alter egos.

Thomas and Martha Wayne May Have Been Into Some Shady Stuff

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In the climactic battle of episode one, Falcone tells Batman that the Waynes were heavily into illegal activity, causing Bruce to question his entire mission.


    They've certainly changed a couple of things around - it's usually Penguin who runs for mayor- his family history being part of the plot also reminds me of the Scott Snyder run of Batman.

    Selina and Harvey dating is almost out of Batman animated, where Pamela Isley dates and almost kills Harvey dent with her patented poison lipstick.

    The Bruce Waynes's shady parents business also may have come out of the Long Halloween - where Thomas Wayne saves Roman's life, after he is riddled with bullets, and the Grant Morrison run where the Waynes may have been part of some weird sex cult -

    The biggest surprise to me was how fast Bruce dropped his secret identity - that was even worse than when vicki just shows up in the batcave in the burton movie, although it made for a great new scene, that I hadn't seen be played out before. This part was also like Batman Returns, where they make out and their foreplay goes where the wounds are.

      ... and the Grant Morrison run where the Waynes may have been part of some weird sex cult -

      The what now?!

      I. Must. Read. This.

        Batman RIP - I may have oversold this - it doesn't go where you think it does. I liked it, but it was a rather controversial run.

        Batman(Dick Grayson) and Robin was the golden age though of the entire run

    Played it on xbox one - the game has some major bugs (telltale games always do)
    There's one scene with Falcone that tells you to use right trigger and it's actually left trigger, i mean seriously how do they miss that?

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