The Patlabor Reboot Has Its First Trailer

Video: Here’s the trailer for Patlabor Reboot! This fall in Japan (so spring in Australia), a 10-minute Patlabor short will be screen in Osaka and Tokyo as part of the Japan’s Animator Exhibition. Studio Khara is handling the animation, while Yasuhiro Yoshiura will be doing both the directing, the storyboarding, the cinematography and the editing. He’s also co-writing the script with Kazunori Ito who penned the previous Patlabor movies as well as the 1995 Ghost in the Shell feature. Kenji Kawai, who has done scores for Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell, is composing the music.


  • Oooh! Patlabor was one of the first anime films I ever watched back in the day. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Very keen! Although the music there seems more like the OVA than Kawai. Much more keen on the movies than the series, TBH. Does anyone know if this ties in with the live-action version in any way?

  • Lets just hope its not another soulless cash in based around nostalgia’s value. Patlabor is a special one to alot of people (myself included) so Im just gonna wait and see before I come to any conclusion.

  • love that the last thing you hear in that trailer is a guy saying ‘zeikin dorobou!’ (tax thieves).

    No slack for the public servants.

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