The Pokemon Anime’s New Ending Theme Is Nuts  

The Pokemon Anime’s New Ending Theme Is Nuts  

Here’s the new closer for anime Pokémon: XY & Z. Get ready to overdose on Pikachu, ketchup, and cuteness.

[GIF via Pokemon]

Above is a 33-second sample from the official site. Here’s the full song via Twitter user Maru_run33:

The track is Pikachu’s Song, which Kotaku previously introduced. Its bonkers lyrics are only surpassed by this ending animation. Bravo.


    • It’s fairly easy to follow.

      Bring me the souls of the innocent.

      We bring a thousands years of darkness, the end of times is near.

      We won’t stop till every human is stuffed inside a ball

      Our shining kingdom built on blood for blood

      The rest is just gibberish

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