Tokyo 2020 Could Be The Geekiest Olympics Yet

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared at the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony as Mario. But that wasn't the only Japanese pop culture cameo.

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In a Tokyo Olympics promotional clip shown during the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony, other iconic characters from gaming and anime put in appearances.

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Such as Pac-Man.

[Image via NHK]

Captain Tsubasa from the iconic manga and anime series by the same name.

[Image via NHK]

Hello Kitty.

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And Doraemon, the robotic cat from the future.

Since Mario appeared in such a big way in the closing ceremony Tokyo Olympics teasers, I expect him to continue to be connected with 2020 Olympics.

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But will there be more characters?

Pikachu was Japan's World Cup mascot and certainly could also pop up in promotions related to the Tokyo Olympics. (If so, that might mean no Yokai Watch!)

Sonic would make sense, too.

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Captain Tsubasa was published in Weekly Jump, so it would make sense for other Jump sports manga, like Slam Dunk, to be roped in. I could also see non-sports manga and anime like Dragon Ball and One Piece doing the same. (Akira would be a hilarious in-joke, but let's not hold our breath.)

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(Shojo anime and manga Sailor Moon would also be a terrific addition, and seeing how many fans it has around the world, a smart one.)

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But even if they keep it to only the characters they have, this must be a first, no? Are there other examples of video game and anime characters appearing in official Olympic ceremonies?

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No doubt we'll get a heavy dose of traditional culture, but this seems like a smart way to not only promote the Tokyo Olympics to the world, but also its games, cartoons, and comics.


    I better not put a foot wrong here.

    Japan's Olympics awarding was already great news for those of us with a deep love and affinity for the country. In 2013.

    I don't think I'm a geek for loving the fact that Japan - as a whole - gets to showcase its modern self to the world while putting on a damn fine Olympics at the same time.

    By 2020, I hope anybody who really thinks I was pessimistic about this Mario stuff in the other article has either looked into travelling over to support the Aussies or actually gets over there and does so. I will be.

    Nintendo/Japan's other exports to the world are now as (I'd say even moreso) timeless as the fiction and characters from our collective youth that were delivered from other foreign nations such as sci-fi movies or epic fantasy novels.

    That's what happens when geeks share. They/we should do this more. It makes the world a nicer place.

      Just because you've attached nostalgic ideas of these characters to the Olympics doesn't mean the Olympics will make the world a better place. I feel as if the characters are tarnished by being attached to the Olympics knowing how much the Olympics fucks countries.

      I didn't watch any of the Rio Olympics - why the fuck would I want to knowing that government money is being spent on this dribble when the flavelas are being hidden by the government and destitute individuals are remaining in absolute squalor so you/we can talk highly about how we're making the world a better place by sharing stuff that we love.

      The Olympics can f**k right off tbh.

      That's just how I feel about it but I suspect most people don't share that kind of view.

      Last edited 23/08/16 12:18 am

      By 2020, I hope anybody who really thinks I was
      pessimistic about this Mario stuff in the other
      article has either looked into travelling over to
      support the Aussies or actually gets over there
      and does so.
      And so the non-sequiturs continue :P

    Don't forget that Akira manga predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics back in the 80's.

    Let's just hope Tokyo doesn't get destroyed before 2020 like in the manga.

    If you plan on going you better start saving :o Trip to Japan for 2+weeks and price hiked hotels near the venue.. and tickets.. baffling to the mind. completely jealous of the qualifying athletes.

    A Hatsune Miku performance during the opening ceremony with holographic technology would probably top it off nicely as a modern Japanese opening ceremony

      That fake holograph Hatsune Miku has a giraffe neck.

    What about FFXV? I'm sure it'll be released by 2020.

    Edit: gdi phone you were doing so well.

    Last edited 23/08/16 7:30 am

    Godzilla to light the Olympic cauldron. I'm calling it!

    I hope they put Goku powering up... for an hr

    I look forward to Street Fighter or Tekken style intros for all the competitors at the fighting events.

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