There Are (At Least) Six DLC Packs Planned For Final Fantasy XV

We're just a month and a half away from Final Fantasy XV, an RPG 10 years in the making. And because this is 2016, there's already a season pass. The $US25 ($33) digital pass, which Square announced last night, will give you access to the following hilariously titled DLC packs:

  • DLC 1: Booster Pack (Working Title)

  • DLC 2: Episode Gladio (Working Title)

  • DLC 3: Holiday Pack (Working Title)

  • DLC 4: Episode Ignis (Working Title)

  • DLC 5: Episode Prompto (Working Title)

  • DLC 6: Expansion Pack (Working Title)

If you're into this sort of thing, you can get the season pass on the PlayStation or Xbox stores before the game comes out on September 30. In the meantime, let's get hyped as hell for Expansion Pack (Working Title).


    After waiting 10 years for this and now they have the balls to charge for DLC also! Should be free at this point...May have to cancel my pre-order and wait for a complete edition later

      I'll just wait for the conplete edition later, but I didnt have a pre-order.

    $33 for 6 packs is pretty good. $5.50 each. I'm happy with this. No shits given as to whether it's taken them 10 years or what. Please keep creating content.

    You know what fuck it. Im just gonna cancel my pre-order and wait for a game of the year edition. Ive waited 10 years. Another year wont make a difference.

    10 years and they have the audacity to section off extra content for extra money? Fucking hell Square, this is obvious attempts at trying to recoup the financial black hole that Tetsuya's caused you over the past decade. Fucking idiots.

    My favourite part is that even though the game has been in development for so long, they've still rushed this announcement out in w brilliantly half-arsed way.

    Good work, square!

    I'll be waiting for pc which will most likley include all the dlc anyway. in 2 yrs.

    Calling it now: Biggest gaming disappointment of the year.

    I'll play anyway, but methinks the hype train is about to crash at high speed...

    Logically the longer the development cycle the more justified they should be in charging for DLC. It means they've spent more money to make the game and more money to break even. If they'd spent two years making the game I'd definitely be suspicious but 10 years? Even if only an average 40 people worked on the game for $30,000 a year that's $12,000,000 in wages alone. Not to mention office rental, utilities, computer hardware, etc.
    The game might not be worth $99 plus $33 for the DLC but I suspect that even at those prices with great sales figures they're not going to cover production prices.

    I'm gonna throw a little mini tantrum and cancel my pre order because I love to delay my fun for the sake of making a point no one will care about. Impressed?

    If that's the case I'm going to hold off buying it and just wait until they release a GOTY edition. I haven't purchased The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 for that reason alone. Still got a ton of games on my PC & several consoles to keep me occupied so I'm good.

    Last edited 11/08/16 3:05 pm

    You might want to keep that quiet Square!
    I had actually considered buying XV but this kills it. Good night.

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