There's Another New Warhammer 40K Game

Video: There are too many damn Warhammer games. Anyway, here's one more, and it actually looks OK. It's called Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach, and it's a straight-up turn-based tactics experience. Classic 40K, basically, only without the painting.

It stars Space Wolves, which is awesome. Also promising is that it's a Slitherine joint, the same publishers behind games like Order of Battle and Panzer Corps (and an older 40K turn-based game, Armageddon).

It will be out at the end of the year on PC.


    I want to see another game in the same vein as space marine, except as a fledgeling eldar autarch. Having access to wargear from all the aspect shrines, perhaps a story that has you play an initially peripheral role in a conflict between your craftworld and a necron force but after a visit from a harlequin shadowseer you learn the necrons are being manipulated by a slaanesh sorcerer who you then have to stop and take a central role in the story. Different shrines would give you a variety of playstyles, agile melee banshee and stealth scorpions, hawks wings jumping across the battles and reaper rockets for heavy weapons etc. You could then mix and match these like a proper Autarch as you rank up and access more weapons and slots as you do battle alongside different characters. There would be an obligatory jetbike stage across an open field as you weave in and out of wraithlords and triarchs disabling transports etc ultimately leading up to a final battle against a now demon prince sorcerer who would most certainly not be a quick time event battle.

    Man, Games Workshop have really been whoring the W40K licence out on every street corner in town recently. Hope this is better than the utter garbage that has been spewed out recently, especially the mobile games.

      Wait until next year for death wing.

        Didn't even know about this, cheers for the heads up.

    No such thing as too many Warhammer games, especially when we're still waiting on a Space Marine 2

    Praise the emperor that this one actually looks good! We need more in depth 40k games, because using the 40k license for crap like chess is the ultimate heresy!

    Can we get another Dawn of War?

    Bring back base building rts goodness please.

      You mean like number 3 which is coming out soon?

        really?! It's not going to be like dow2 right?

          From what I've heard so far it's back towards the first with base building etc.

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