These Comic Book Formal Suits Are Wonderfully Bonkers

Recently announced a series of Marvel and DC "secret identity" suits, which let you wear fancy threads with a hidden bit of comic-book geekery. The company's latest suits, however, throw all that subtlety out of the window in favour of full-on suit insanity. Compared to the "secret identity" suits, the "alter-ego" versions are a little bit more on the nose. Featuring suits based on the likes of Iron Man, Superman, Batman and Heath Ledger's Joker, these suits are definitely not work-wear material. Unless, maybe, you work in an office at DC or Marvel. Even then, I imagine those places would be fine with something a little more casual than something that, say, brings a whole new meaning to the term "Bat Suit".

At least the Joker suit actually looks a bit more like a decent Heath Ledger cosplay than a bizarre mashing together of suit and comic book costume. (As it should, considering it's being marketed as "authentic".)

That said, I'm very silly, so when I saw this picture all I could think of was that meme based on Jared Leto's outfit for the Suicide Squad red carpet and spent about 30 seconds in photoshop making this:

Honestly, I'd kinda like to see Robert Downey Jr. or Christian Bale wearing one of these suits, just to see if it'd be as hilarious I think it would be. I guess I could just make some more bad Photoshops and find out?

Fun's new suits are available to pre-order now for a rather pricey $US250 ($328) for the adult versions (the Joker one comes in at a hefty $US350 [$460]), ahead of a release in early December.

Originally posted on Gizmodo.


    WTF, surely people are not rushing out to buy these.. Surely not.

    They could have at least fitted them properly for the promo shots

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