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It's finally here.

Let's explore some space.

No Man's Sky (PC, PS4)

What is it? A procedurally generated game about exploring space and reaching the centre of the universe. Should you care? People probably care too much. The hype around this is suffocating. But it'll still be fun, if you can keep your expectations in check.

[email protected] (PS4)

What is it? A dungeon crawler that uses ASCII graphics as the basis for its aesthetic. Should you care? This could be a fun couch co-op game, or a complete wash. Not sure which.

Blade Ballet (PC, PS4)

What is it? A multiplayer game about fighting robots. Should you care? Only if you want something new for your next game night. It could be fun to mix in.

Emily Wants To Play (PS4)

What is it? Another survival indie horror game. Should you care? It's another survival indie horror game.


What is it? UNO. The card game. This shouldn't require explanation. Should you care? You probably don't but you'll buy it anyway. It's UNO.

Ray Gigant (PC)

What is it? The PC port of a JRPG dungeon crawler. Should you care? Not if you don't like JRPGs. It does some interesting things, mind you.

Caladrius Blaze (PS4)

What is it? A side scrolling Japanese shooter, complete with English subtitles. Should you care? Nah.

Indigo Prophecy (PS4)

What is it? A PS4 re-release of the beloved PS2 adventure game. Should you care? The screeners on the PS Blog makes me wonder how this will actually go in widescreen.

OlliOlli Epic Combo Edition (PS4)

What is it? A digital double-deal with the first and second OlliOlli games, as well as the soundtrack and some making-of docos. Should you care? If you did, you'd probably own both games already. They've been out for a while.

Wake Up (PC, VR)

What is it? A VR game about solving riddles with only a butterfly as your guide. Should you care? I'd pull the trigger, but I don't own a VR headset at home.

Of Love And Sorrow (PC)

What is it? Interactive adventure about two brothers in the military, set 20 years before the Civil War. Should you care? This could actually be quite good, but it'll probably get completely ignored this week.

Momentum (PC)

What is it? 3D platformer involving physics, gravity and what looks like a variety of balls, marbles, tyres, and what not. Should you care? There was a puzzle last year about pushing a ball around. This game seems like it's for fans of that.

Did we miss anything, or will you all just be playing No Man's Sky? Let us know in the comments!


    What? Nothing on Xbone?

      try owning a wiiU (*hugs and caresses the wiiU, such a wonderful but under appreciated console*)

      Blame Xbox Australia then switch your region to somewhere that gives a fuck!

    A note on Ray Gigant, most reviews say that fans of dungeon crawlers will probably find it a bit simplistic but if you've always been turned off by the complexity of dungeon crawlers then it may be a good entry point if you're curious.

    Also out this week:
    Hatsune Miku Project Diva X demo (PS4)
    Fahrenheit (PS4)
    And clearly the contender for everyone's Game Of The Year, Teddy Together (3DS)

    Hype for that game isn't exactly suffocating as the people who made it seem to be wanting to tell you as little as possible about it.

    Normally the Sony/publisher factor would be the culprit, but in actual fact we saw more of a big deal made out of Witness, really. Different platform, but Rise of Tomb Raider, if anything, was suffocating in its pre-launch.

    Games media - and the audience itself - has to shoulder some responsibility here. If one tempers its expectations and enthusiasm, the other usually follows suit. Look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We haven't heard a damn thing about it from game sites since E3 and you'd be forgiven for thinking people's excitement for that game has 'died down'. It's simply a different pre-release cycle.

    Is Indigo Prophecy the 'good' David Cage game? I'm seriously tempted having never touched anything he's made.

      Last questions first. Yes, Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit is probably the best of the lot.

      Rise of the Tomb Raider? Wouldn't say it was anything near the same, since that got drowned out by Fallout 4 (launched same day, remember). And I doubt Sony was making as big a thing of The Witness; certainly not on my side of the fence, if that helps.

        Oh totally, I did mean pre-launch! Fallout 4 had the E3 reveal, and the drown-out didn't really start once launch happened (it was hard to word all that without sounding smarmy towards the media, from memory Patricias stuff on it was great - I didn't even take an interest in the game but reading about someone elses was still cool).

        Thanks for the Indigo info.

          Fallout Shelter did go off for a little while too. (Also for everyone else - Indigo Prophecy is the same game as Fahrenheit, it just got a different name in other regions for reasons I can't remember right now)

    Should I care about OlliOlli Epic Combo Edition?! I need to know!!

      I really dug both games, they're easy to pick up but hard to master.

      But I do think the second one was a lot better thanks to it introducing manuals to link tricks. And like the Tony Hawk series before it, it kind of makes it hard to go back when you're used to it.

      So if you haven't played either before and it's a decent price, they're really good games, go for it. But if you can just get the second game cheaper, I'd probably just go with that. Unless soundtracks and docos interest you, of course.

    Just noticed the next Deus Ex is only a two weeks away too ...

      That's what I'm hyped for too! Saving my money for that!

    I kind of received no press, but Batman Arkham Knight: Game of the year edition is came out last week.

      Game of the Year... hahaha... oh wait your not joking. What the #/@^.

      Hasnt been a year and was a unmitigated disaster on PC, desperate times call for GotY reboxing cash grab.

      Oh... no PC release... hehe I think they gave up there.

    The hype for No Man's sky is crazy even my wife cannot wait for me to get it and she usually dislikes gaming with a passion. Should be fun though.

    Uno YAY.

    If Target have No Man's Sky for $64 I'll totally be playing it.

    nope retail blew it again:

    Good Old Games has No Man's Sky on PC for $62 if that's your Jam.

    Hype is unreal for this one. Love the exploratory side of Space games so this one is right up my alley.

      Would you say PC or PS4? I'm thinking that as it seems to be pretty CPU-heavy, the PC version would be better on that basis? Also draw distance?

        I think the general consensus is that the PC version should be graphically superior as long as you have a decent computer. Some of the streams on PS4 were said to be in the range of 40-50 FPS so you could probably expect a better frame rate with a decent enough computer. Not sure how CPU heavy it will be. Min specs are as follows:

        Minimum PC Requirements:
        - Win 7
        - Core i3
        - 8GB RAM
        - NVidia GTX 480
        - 10GB Storage
        - OpenGL

        In the end, it's probably going to be roughly the same experience regardless of platform. Personally going for the PC version.

    A PS4 re-release of the beloved PS2 adventure game.

    lol what?

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