This Week In Games: Returning To The Legion

There’s not a great deal in terms of big name titles this week, but then it is the final week of August.

But the amount of time you could spend with those big games? Well, that’s another story entirely. Especially if that game happens to be the new World of Warcraft expansion. And there’s a ton of weird indies, too.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? Think of it as The Witcher 3 with all the DLC trimmings on top.
Should you care? Definitely if you didn’t get the game the first time around.

Strike Vector EX (PS4)

What is it? A first-person multiplayer shooter with flying mechs.
Should you care? Depends on how many AI bots end up filling the place of real people.

Verdun (PS4)

What is it? Another multiplayer shooter set in World War 1.
Should you care? With the Battlefield 1 beta coming up soon, can’t see this doing great.

Space Hulk (PS4)

What is it? The console re-release of the turn-based board game featuring Space Marine Terminators.
Should you care? Absolutely if you love Warhammer and you haven’t played on PC.

Assetto Corsa (PS4, XBO)

What is it? The console launch of the Italian born-and-bred simulation racer.
Should you care? If you have a racing wheel and pedals for your console, definitely. Those after more of an arcade experience will probably have more fun sticking to Project CARS or, probably, Driveclub.

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA X (PS4, Vita)

What is it? A Japanese rhythm game with supposedly catchy songs.
Should you care? Most probably won’t, although the Hatsune Miku games are rather cool.

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom (PS3, Vita, PS4, XBO)

What is it? It’s the video game adaption of the action horror anime.
Should you care? Like Dynasty Warriors? Or games with cool movement systems? Play this.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PC, PS4, Vita)

What is it? The Western release of an action basher that came out in Japan last year.
Should you care? If you want an anime action game and don’t have any fondness for the setting, play Attack on Titan instead.

Resident Evil 4 (PS4, XBO)

What is it? Digital re-release of the classic.
Should you care? RE4 in 1080p with a better frame rate. That’ll work for plenty of people.

Bears Can’t Drift (PS4)

What is it? The slightly delayed PS4 release of a kart racer featuring bears.
Should you care? Probably not.

Hue (PC)

What is it? A puzzle platformer where you mess with the background colour of the world.
Should you care? It’s a cool mechanic, but if you’re not into platformers this won’t change anything.

Livelock (PS4)

What is it? A co-op top down shooter that the developers say “is difficult to play”.
Should you care? Think a slightly simpler, darker, less campy spin on Helldivers. This could be a lot of fun.

One Way Trip (PS4)

What is it? An adventure game where you have six hours to live while tripping balls.
Should you care? Just watch the trailer. This looks nuts.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? A colourful turn-based game about rescuing an uncle.
Should you care? You’ll know after seeing the trailer. Most won’t.

Binaries (PS4)

What is it? A simple puzzle game about guiding two coloured balls through levels.
Should you care? It’s pretty tough, and you’d have to really love the genre.

Le Havre: The Inland Port (PC)

What is it? A digital re-release of a board game about building wealth in a French port.
Should you care? These things are better on tablets, phones, or as a board game, I find.

Toadled (PC)

What is it? A game about a toad that literally just eats everything in sight.
Should you care? Look at the screenshots and you’ll understand why I included this. (Otherwise no.)

Did I miss anything? You picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments!

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