Thousands Are Poorly Explaining Their Furry Personae On Twitter

Thousands Are Poorly Explaining Their Furry Personae On Twitter

Curious about the latest trend? You’ve come to the right place. Keith Srakocic/AP

As of 5:30AM this morning, over 200 furries had tweeted in the past hour with the hashtag #poorlyexplainyourfursona. Since yesterday afternoon, when the furry hashtag was trending, there have been thousands of instances of #poorlyexplainyourfursona on Twitter.

A “fursona” is a portmanteau of the words “furry” and “persona”. It refers to the fantasy animal identity of someone who identities as a furry. Often, though, when you ask a furry what their fursona is, they’re not going to respond with a simple mammal. Because fursonae are rooted in imagination, they’re highly customisable and (generally) surreal, often involving in food, bands or cartoon characters. That’s where #poorlyexplainyourfursona comes in.

The furry fandom community is known to have a great sense of humour. Today’s hashtag is a whimsical commentary on how hard it is to explain your fursona to someone without sounding like an acid casualty.

With some unholy combination of athletic Googling and stock image hunting, these furries have won the internet today. Congratulations, furry community. You guys rule. Below are a few examples.*


  • ‘Congratulations, furry community. You guys rule.”

    Who the hell would ever actually think this?

    • People who aren’t closed minded judgemental I’m better than you because I know what’s morally right and wrong and I know what you should be thinking and doing because I know what’s best for your life and clearly things I don’t understand outside my little world are wrong and bad because I say so

      • What’s your fursona in 4 stock google images then? I’m assuming it’s a floppy purple dildo, a bowl of mashed potato, a dodo and a hentai body pillow.

    • That was my take away from this, too. I actually have no idea what any of those tweets mean.

  • Furries are so early 2000’s
    I thought all the rage today was “other-kin”

    In the end it’s just another way of letting everyone know that your a “unique” snowflake oozing edgyness.

    • I used to think Furries were weird, Then i found out about otherkin. Furries are fine, Otherkin have serious mental problems.

        • I see furries as really passionate Cosplayers. Otherkin just have serious mental issues and cant separate reality from fiction. Its seems coincidental many of them seem to suffer from Social Anxiety issues.

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