Trolling Gamescom With 'Half-Life: 3'

A "Half-Life: 3" poster has been spotted at Gamescom. But don't get excited just yet! This isn't for Valve's long overdue sequel. It's for some world-class trolling. [Image: Aoife Wilson | Eurogamer]

Spotted by Eurogamer, the poster doesn't actually read "Half-Life 3", but rather, "Half-Life: 3" and under that in smaller text "Editors Who Played It Back Then". So, the the three refers to the number of editors!

At the bottom of the poster, there are the logos of German sites Giga Games and Spieletipps.


    Pffft, trolling about HL3 is so old now.

    [Proceeds to put up posters for Eternal Darkness 2]

    Seriously, Half Life is so old now.
    Most kids these days have 'heard of it' in the same way they have 'heard of' Elvis. It is a thing their parents played...

    I vote reboot.

    3 editors played Half Life 1 confirmed!

    Gordon Freeman: Crowbar Adventures confirmed.

      EA Sports: Half Life 2017 - the free-to-play, class based mobile game we’ve all been waiting for!

    I am so agravated and enraged,grrrmmmmmffff!

      [Hands @chedruid a box apparently containing HL:3 from a parallel universe where Value didn't become obsessed with hats.]

      [Box turns out to contain a copy of Daikatana from the current universe.]

        SUCK IT DOWN!

          Yeah, you can say that ..... you're the one I get these games from to troll others.


    I'm more excited about that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 poster.

    Still holding out for Banjo-Kazooie Threeie, here.

    Imagine if Valve were actually going to announce hl3 at gamescom. It would make sense - now that VR is here, it could use a good and unique implementation of it to give the "wow" factor of advancing game design that each half-life game has done in the past. Also remember episide 2 was first heavily demonstrated at gamescom "back in the day".

    I want to believe. So badly :(

    As a Sci-fi nerd I always thought Half Life was overrated. The game mechanics and story were really nothing special.

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