Warhammer 40K Cosplay Is Ready To Die For The Emperor

Decked out in armour and weapons made by Wulfgar Weapons & Props, this group of fans hit Gencon last week with some of the best 40K cosplay I have ever seen.

Photo: Carlos A. Smith

Photo: Matthew Sperzel Photography

The armour. The weapons. The fur. It's all perfect.

The crew won "best in show" at Gencon's cosplay competition. There were seven of them, all in full Space Wolves costumes, and they're members of CosAwesome Studios.

Photo: Kaminsky Kandids Photography

Those seven are Chanzlyn, John Quade, Seth Knight,James T Wulfgar, Tony Jackson, Mathew Turvish and Sahara Cole.

Photo: Josh

And here they are in motion:


    The irony when it is cheaper to cosplay in full space marine armour than it would be to but a full army of the figures........ probably

      Cheaper to cosplay than to buy a paint kit.

      I made two Space Marine armour, one MKV and one MKII. And it isnt cheap. It cost around 1500€ to make one.

      I dont like these armour because they have no backpack, no codpiece and no upper leg armour.

    Great cosplay but Space wolves? They are the furries of the 40k world.

      At least they weren't Ultramarines. I'd love to see the same people do Chaos Marines though.

        Or Terminator Armour

    I've been devouring the gaunts ghosts books lately and I must say Dan Abnett is a master of the 40k universe and the non space marine stuff like gaunts and eisenhorn are among the greatest Sci fi books I've ever read. Space marines are fucking awesome but they have little character compared to the characters in those books.

      Yeah, but that's more due to the fact that SPace Marines are incredibly boring. The lore makes them ridiculously OP, balanced with extremely hidebound and regimented (yep, even the 'rebellious' Space Wolves). This means that they really lack any depth as characters, being basically religious zealots who are almost immortal.

      I highly recommend the HERO OF THE IMPERIUM Ciaphas Cain series by Sandy Mitchell. It has more of a focus on the Imperial Guard, focusing on the feats of the eponymous Commissar Cain. It does get a bit formulaic in structure, but it's essentially Blackadder in SPACE. It also paints a fairly good picture of everyday life in the Imperium between horrible xeno invasions and campaigns to repel them.

        Oh Yeh I've read one Cain omnibus and loved it. I'm going to seek out the rest once I've finished the ghosts series for sure. He's a really funny character and it's quite impressive the writer can maintain that schtick and it doesn't get too old!

    Female space marines? Wonder if they got docked points for diverging from source material.

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