Warhammer 40K Gets The (Short) Movie It Deserves

Erasmus Brosdau, an art director at Crysis developers Crytek, has been working on a Warhammer 40K short film (in his spare time!) for the past six years. It's now done, kind of, and it's been well and truly worth the wait.

Positioned as a prologue for a wider story, this 9-minute video may not have the world's best voice acting, but the art and animation is lightyears ahead of the last official 40K animation, Ultramarines.

And the way it puts us on the ground floor of the universe, seeing it come alive like this...this is a view of the 40K universe I would love to play through.

The project "has the blessing" of Games Workshop, and over the years grew from Brosdau's sole work into a team effort. While this short is being released now, a "final short movie" will be out next year completing the story.


    the walk of the human characters is cringeworthy.. worth making the point as it is an Art Director that is heading the project allegedly. and why is he using a ballistic pistol and not a las weapon?

      Inquisition and higher ranking imperial guard officers commonly used bolt pistols. Besides the snootyness from owning one they are also more powerful than a commoners Las pistol.

        It looked more like a stub revolver. Aren't bolt weapons a higher bore?

          Stubs and other ballistics are generally more ornateful (from the lore I remember) than the common las, but also seen as more elegant than the overpowered bolt pistol.

    Visual design is fantastic but the facial rigs are either terrible, or the guy animating them doesn't know how to animate faces properly (or it's the engine).

      Or he's German and the original animations are for German voices? (I'm assuming because Crytek)

        I doubt it. The cost to localise to english would've been prohibitive on a project this size. Most Germans speak English as a second language as well, so it's not unthinkinable that this project started and ended in english.

    inqusitor's hardly use any sort of standard weaponry, they use whatever they feel like basicly.

    That was...okay. Way too generic scifi overall, and the weighting/design of the main characters was more Deus Ex than the more heavyweight WH40K approach.

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