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As you would have seen last night, codes for the Battlefield 1 beta have been going out. They were sent to those who registered for Battlefield Insider, giving those lucky gamers an opportunity to play a day ahead of the open beta — which starts tomorrow.

Fortunately, we've got a key and we're playing now. So if you want to see what the game looks like in the flesh, jump on in.

Update: We've finished streaming, but if you'd like to rewatch the footage — which shows the Rush and Conquest modes, as well as the new UI, video options, server browser, and more — I've embedded the video below.

If all goes well, we'll be streaming for about an hour from when this post goes live. I'll be playing on PC with all the bells and whistles turned up, so if you have any platform specific questions there just fire them through.

There won't be any audio commentary from my end either, just raw gameplay. I'll be able to answer any questions, try any classes or vehicles, whatever you'd like.

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What would you like to see from Battlefield 1?


    I saw the clip of the guy getting run over buy the horse. The ground looked amazing!! I have my key and also my Elite controller arrived today (Thanks for the discount offer!!) and ready to go when I get home.
    Does it have the right "vibe"? You know, that thing you just can't quantify, but know when a game has it.

    Play for a few minutes early this morning - it ran like crap on my beast - but there are new Nvidia drivers, so I'm about to install them and see how it goes. The game to me for the very short play time already, feels like Battlefront - right now I'm not sure how to feel, but I'll keep playing to see how it goes.

    Yeah it's pretty much just Battlefront... for $169. New conquest rules suck and the game play is clunky.

    Not gunna happen.

    Im so annoyed right now that it completely slipped my mind to register these last 2 months....

    I did so a few days ago in hope but sadly Im pretty sure Im shit out of luck

      You'll still be able to play from today (when the servers are stable again).

        Yeah Im already downloading it but sometimes I cant help being an impatient child ;)

    Was excited for the game as i havent seen anything for the open beta found out i cant get in so this game is kinda off the list of games i will be buying. Also the pre order play 3 days early thing is a scummy move. On top of that all you need origin installed which i really dont feel like installed because it is crapware.

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