Watch Us Play No Man's Sky

Video: The No Man's Sky review copy situation is a mess, and reviewers from various outlets have just gone and bought copies from local retailers instead of waiting for Sony to send codes. On an unrelated note, watch us play No Man's Sky!


    God thats painful to watch... rather watch polygon play Doom...

      i dont know, I momentary watched the polygon facebook stream of this last night, that didnt even have any commentary and was in even more low res. it made this look like it is truly stunning. hehe

      Last edited 06/08/16 6:17 pm

      oh god that video of polygon playing doom was so terrible yet also so halrious

    What is this resolution? This sort of poor showing no doubt could negatively impact the already shaky reception that it has. I watched 3 minutes & that was enough cringe for me.

      I really don't think some "game journalism" outlets are above of pettily trying to mud a game when they feel wronged by the creators, in this case "oh noes, how do they dare NOT giving us a review copy!!!111!!1"

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