Watching Deadpool's Creator Freak Out About Toys Is The Best

Video: I'm not sure I love anything as much as Rob Liefeld loves pop culture. The famous comic artist is extremely passionate not just about comics, but also about movies, TV, toys, pretty much everything. It all comes exploding out in this wonderful video. Liefeld, who is best known for his hand in creating the popular characters Deadpool and Cable, now co-hosts a YouTube show called Nerdy Pop. In the latest episode, he regales us with the story of trying to find the latest X-Men Marvel Legends, the first official X-Men figures released in years. Among them are his babies, Cable and Deadpool, and Liefeld's tale is something many, many of us can relate to.

Also of note, the video confirms Liefeld has pretty much the coolest family ever.

Have you every travelled all over your town looking for a toy or something similar?

[Nerdy Pop, via Twitter]


    If only he was as passionate about anatomy.

      If only he were as passionate about anatomy as he was about pouches.

      Also he's a thief, a grade A douchebag, and can't even draw backgrounds.

      Deadpool was his knockoff creation which was subsequently made great by others. He was just enjoying the ride up on their shoulders.

      This is the most entertaining thing to come out of his massacring of my favourite childhood comics:

      Last edited 28/08/16 10:10 am

    | and can't even draw backgrounds.

    Or feet, or correct body proportions. I love Cable and Deadpool, and the pouches and massive guns don't bother me, but I still for the life of me can't figure out how this man got a job as a professional comic book artist.

    I will go to my grave trying to forget hisbig breasted Captain America.

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