We'd Like This Aliens Cosplay In Bay 12, Please


    I'm gonna be that guy but this is from Alien, not Aliens. The presence of Jones the cat, the hair and the fact the flamethrower doesn't look like the flamethrower that looked like a toy are the obvious clues. Great cosplay though.

    Also my personal hatred of Aliens demands I say that Aliens was astonishingly average at best, doesn't even touch the original and it ruined the Alien almost beyond repair (Alien Isolation was the first thing, in any media, to make the Alien scary again since the original film). Aliens wasn't as bad as Prometheus, that's all I can say about it.

      Deffinitely Alien. The shoes are also the key as she wore the Reeboks in Aliens.

      You must be super fun at parties.

        Alien Isolation was a bit of bummer in the end. The final 'scenes' and of course the ending were what ruined a great game for me.

        The last Alien movie was Alien 3 anyway what are you people talking about.

          Jesus, even Resurrection was better than 3.

            You obviously missed the directors cut.

              It wasn't actually a director's cut - David Fincher much disowned the movie due to the way the studio screwed him during the making of it, and thus had nothing to do with the extended cut that appeared on the DVD / BluRay releases. I think the longer version was called an "assembly cut" or something like that. But yeah, it was a much, much better movie in that form than the theatrical cut. Still nowhere near the standard of the first 2, but better than Resurrection.

              Now let's all put our differences aside and bitch about the AvP movies.

                Yeah, the Assembly Cut. If you read the novelization of the film, it's closest to this version, and far superior to the original imho (and yes, David Fincher was screwed hard by the studio during the making of this film).

                AvP?? Let's not even go there. I don't have enough bile to get me through that discussion...

        I am in fact terribly fun, mostly I stick to rocking back and forth on my feet, glaring at everyone that passes to ensure they won't begin talking to me and should I begin to be trapped in some kind of conversation I will immediately begin to criticise their favourite music, TV show, movie, book or profession.

        Sometimes I like to stand in front of the food table making sure to open packets of food that are already open elsewhere and double dip everything, my last resort is to start drinking anything I have in my hand until the individual leaves.

      It's ok, perhaps one day some one could educate you on what you objectively fail to understand.

    thanks - you saved me from being 'that guy'.
    I actually quite enjoyed Aliens, but it didn't really even feel like the same genre as Alien.
    Alien is a slow boil; it builds tension throughout, and uses silence, lighting and the fear of the unknown to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Aliens has a couple of jump scares, but the tension has been replaced by action sequences.
    I don't think we'll ever see an Alien movie that rivals the original. You're right about Isolation, too. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to hiding in a heating duct.

      Alien/Aliens are completely different movies. I dont think Aliens was trying to recreate the atmosphere of the first move at all. I love them both - probably Alien more. But for a full on, roller coaster ride - Aliens.

      And, if I was going to rank them, Alien Resurrection would be next, and then Alien 3. Neither are great movies, but at least Resurrection was a bit of fun. Alien 3 is just a downer.

    Alright alright alright I'll rank them geez call off the Alien-dogs:

    Alien Isolation
    The distance between LV426 and Fiorina
    The gulf of the universe itself
    Alien 3
    Ripley's Space Jam

    That's all I've seen. Honestly. That's even with Alien Isolation's terrible final bits:

    The Ellen Ripley radio message pay-off was a joke. All the friends/allies/enemies die in the most hilarious ways. The Alien brood climbing out of the reactor was just strange. The final 'walk backwards and blast into space thing' was horrible. Gawd it pisses me off just trying to remember it.

    wow, some female cosplay that doesn't show T&A, so refreshing.

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