Welcome … To No Man’s Sky

Welcome … To No Man’s Sky
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No Man’s Sky was pitched as this awesome, sprawling universe full of untamed lands and majestic creatures. And there’s certainly plenty of plants and wildlife to encounter.

But the majestic part? Not so much.

I’m dying.


  • I’ve seen some pretty cool looking critters so far. Also, some really horrible ones, the kind that if you saw in real life would haunt your dreams.

  • It’s an amusing comment, but there are definitely things I’m still hanging out to see from the trailers. I mean, any kind of forest, to start with. All I ever find are clumps of vegetation, randomly dotted around otherwise barren rocky worlds of different colours. No grasses, either. Has anyone found anything like that, or did that get cut?

    • I’ve found a snow forest with fox analogs, rabbit analogs, massive gold blobs, heridium pillars everywhere, blue crystals of one of the rare minerals, and all of the buildings are the same colour as the rock so it doesnt look like you are flying over endless hobby farms. Problem is there is not so much zinc, which you burn through for your thermal shielding.

    • over on the reddit sub I’ve seen shots of planets that are lush in ground vegetation, no forests yet though.

    • I found a beautiful planet full of trees and grasses. Occasionally a storm would come through and the grasses would sway in the high winds. Very, very pretty. The only bad thing was the sentinels were frenzied, which is very annoying so I didn’t hang around there long.

      Most of the planets I’ve found (only around 10 so far) have been pretty barren though, but don’t give up, there are definitely pretty ones out there. Although even the barren ones can have their own beauty to them, in caves or other geological features. One planet I found had very sparse vegetation but great big soaring pillars of rocks running everywhere that looked like tree roots wrapping around the planet.

      Full disclosure: I was very hyped for this game for the past year and in my opinion it lives up to it. I don’t agree with most of the bad things people are saying about it. It runs like a dream on my PC (with a brand new 1070 mind) and I’m having tons of fun exploring, scanning, mining, shooting and flying around my own little pocket of the galaxy.

    • Man I just want to find a planet with some water or moisture instead of either frozen tundra or scorching hotbox.

    • Um, sort of?

      A moon I’m on now has pretty crazy tree coverage. It’s not rain forest levels.

      I have yet to see a proper grassy plain, but I’ve seen a few “close” offerings.

    • I’ve visited a planet that was near perfect. Lots of ocean, lot of grassy plains, lots of trees. Now, if only I could easily find that star system again so I could take screenshots.

      • If I ever find one of those, I will definitely take the time to name the thing.
        (Normally I can’t be bothered. The PS4 typing is a pain in the ass, and I’m discovering way too much stuff to create that kind of work for myself.)

        It’s a shame there’s not a better map for finding old favourite places, for sure.

        Thanks for mentioning it, though. It’s reassuring to know those are out there. Of all the planets I’ve discovered so far, I’ve only seen uniform ocean worlds, and plain, boring-textured rocks, sparsely-studded with boring-ass vegetation and waypoints.

        I guess the problem with a random roll of the dice out of quintillions of options is that it’s entirely possible to NEVER see what you’re looking for. That’s how probability works, and all that.

        • The second screen function on the ps4 app is great for typing cause you use your phone’s keyboard, and be honest, your phone is going to be right there anyway :p

        • I know it sucks as a navigation tool, but if I want to go back to system I’ve already visited:

          Go to star map, flick to free roam and search for discoveries.
          After a while you will notice that small markers appear on some planets.
          With some effort you can usually find the systems you already visited and discovered.

    • There’s a good post over on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/4xle85/psa_there_are_four_types_of_star_systems/ and I think it may explain why you (and me) are only seeing certain types of planets. I’ve spoilered the rest just in case anyone doesn’t want to know: Essentially if you follow the path laid out by the game it keeps you in certain types of star systems. You need to upgrade your Hyperdrive and manually select different types of stars and then you should hopefully find different planets and moons. Now if only I could find some Copper to finish my Hyperdrive upgrade!

      • I’ve seen floating mountains of copper on some planets, but I’ve also seen a lot of copper asteroids (and nickel & iridium), so you may have some luck looking up there.

    • Man, what’s you’re twitter?
      I hate social media but I have many screenshots you might be interested in and getting them off the ps4 to post elsewhere is too hard.

      • SIGNIFICANTLY more dense than anything I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve never seen actual ground-cover. Just rock.

    • I found my first planet with ‘actual trees’ last night… green grass… I was getting excited to see some lovely wildlife… then the place was infested with flying tapeworms and eels….. blergh

    • Found a beautiful picturesque world – green grass, alien trees, red soil and a bright pink sky. Ambient temperature of about 6-10C… beautiful, apart from the storms that drove the temperature down to -50, and restricted visibility to about ten metres. The fact that one of the bases was named as being in a jungle didn’t fill me with hope of finding more dense vegetation than ‘a small tree every five metres’, tho.

      • Thinking about ‘small trees’, I was thinking about what the opposite would be… like the alien equivalent of ancient redwoods. Towering, tall… It’d be nice to think those are out there. But also wouldn’t be surprised if the engine ruled that out as being too difficult.

    • I’ve landed on a planet with dense forests, heaps of vegetation and wildlife and no issues with temperature, radiation or toxicity. It would be a perfect planet if it had water.

    • Found a few grassy planets. Found one with tall grass and short creatures. Made it very difficult to identify the creatures as they were all under grass.

  • Usually Im first in line to bash these sort of posts but damned if I didnt piss myself laughing at this. Just brilliant!

  • Oh yeah, seen plenty of these.

    But I’ve also seen the parts come together to make a pretty impressive allosaurus looking beasty. (Still walked funny)

  • Is the game procedural generated? Or is it pre-determined? Because if it is procedural how can others find your discoveries?

    • Procedural. Just needs to use the same “seed” to recreate stuff you’ve found for other people to see. Procedural isn’t the same as completely random.

      (It’s like how Spelunky procedurally generates it’s levels but can have the map of the day feature where every one plays the same map. Or mine craft with its “start seed”)

    • Once they’re procedurally generated by a person encountering them for the first time, they become available for others to stumble upon as discoveries.

      (Provided the servers aren’t shitting themselves.)

  • I’m so sick of everyone rag’n on this game it is Brilliant. If you what a game that is like all the others go play COD or something jeezzzz

  • Ive explored over 50 planets. Seen a mix of things from baren empty moons to lush forests criss-crossed with rivers. Had several toxic wastes populated with several mushroom type plants and alpine planets with smow covered pine style trees. Even found a tropical archepelligo style planet with pink/blue vegitation and a sky that morphed from magenta at night through orange to canary yellow at midday.

    • Hahahah yeah I came across a similar planet that was fairly toxic and most of the creatures that inhabited that planet were plant like mushroom creatures. Oh and a giant crab like mushroom creature that was kinda cool to see.

  • Groan. At which point was I supposed to laugh? Its a game created by algorithms, the most entertaining parts will always be the ones in which the combinations go a little haywire. That said I really want to know if there are actual dinosaur planets that people have found. there better be. hehe

    Seriously as a gamer these days, I am truly over narky gamers.

    • I came across a planet with some dinosaur creatures some placid and others pretty darn cranky. I even found a mini T-Rex looking thing. Such a top game definitely a step out of the box.

    • narky see, narky do…

      I must admit I’ve never played the game, but every snippet I’ve ever seen, there’s like only a few animals on the screen at most. Happy to be proven wrong, but everything I’ve seen is a far cry from what they showed off early on, density wise.

      • Well if it helps I have come across colonies of creatures on some planets. I dont have the screenshots to prove it you must take my word.

    • Jurassic Park Melodica is a pretty classic internet vid, and typically causes fits of laughter on its own. I think it was expertly applied here, even as someone who likes the game 😛

      • I didn’t actually watch the video with sound, but now I’m laughing again knowing they used that.

    • Is that really what drives increased diversity/closer-to-earth biomes? Because I haven’t been heading too much toward the centre so much as toward the nearest atlas anomalies.

      • Hello Games said it themselves “You’ll find crazier things towards the center”. I’ve only gone one system over from my start, and I found luscious planets of forests and grass plains.

        • I’ve done quite a few more than just one jumps, and hit a couple story/plot milestones, so that’s making me think it’s more thanks to randomness that I’ve only seen boring rock-worlds with uninteresting clumps of shit on them. Better just keep plugging away at it.

          • Quite possibly. He said in a livestream that “You and your friend might play, and he just gets luscious worlds, and you just get barren wastelands”. Guess you got the pointy end of the stick.

  • My biggest gripe is the “scientific names”.

    These should have the first (genus) name capitalised, and the second (species) name not, and also be In italics. As someone with a Zoology degree, this really grates when I see it. OK, this is just a game, but I regularly see this mistake from “science writers”, especially in The Age.

    Played a couple of hours last night, while chatting with os42 over PSN chat. Fun discovering how to play with someone who wasn’t very far ahead, and noticing how more complex things were spawning after hitting milestones – I didn’t see an animal at all for the first 45 mins or so, then just after hitting a checkpoint, little critters. After another checkpoint a little later, my first ungulate-analogue.

    Fun game!

    • I tried to keep quiet while you were figuring things out – a lot of the early enjoyment I get from NMS is just discovering things myself – but some of the design choices are a little obtuse, and the tutorial messages aren’t always helpful.

      • Yeah hopefully it’s obvious when I’m musing out loud and when I’m actually asking a question!

        There’s plenty to talk about with the environments and crazy happenings without actual spoilers, I think. I left for the night with the game throwing another actual decision at me which I’m going to have to mull over… especially as this one was hinting there could be Consequences.

  • Is it weird that my first question was “Wtf does it use it’s front legs for, since it’s just got hooves at the end…?”

  • About 10 hours into the game I found a blueprint that allowed me to stay under water for longer. I said “Water? What friggin’ water?”

    Another few hours later I encountered my first water planet. 6 water planets later and even with the upgrades I still hate water.

    Also never encountered anything larger than a horse. I think it’s the randomidity going wild.

    • I had dino sized thylacine looking things on my starting planet. One issue with that is, I could only feed things to the small ones. Maybe because the others were too tall to reach?

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