When Gang Beasts, Splatoon And Soccer Walk Into A Bar

Image: Kotaku

I thought I was just about done with new couch co-op games. And then I saw a corgy beat up a shark while pushing a ball into a goal.

Nope, still on board.

The weird and wonderful mashup is for a new game called Sausage Sports Club, which is currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. It's got a corgi that lifts:

There's also a cute shark doing, er, fin-ups:

Image: Kotaku

As you'd expect with anything trying to be this cute, it's a local multiplayer game. The inspiration is pretty obvious — take some of the most fun elements from other indies and multiplayer games and mesh them together with cute animals.

There's five modes: a knock-off version of Splatoon, which I'm entirely fine with; something that could be described as Lemmings Play Soccer; Capture The Flag and Sumo, which is where the Gang Beasts reference comes in; and Coinz, which is just "hit everything and collect money for it".

Here's the trailer.

The chances of Sausage Club not getting funded are pretty slim at this point. The campaign has 25 days to go, and it's already more than a third of the way to its $19,507 ($US15,000) goal.

Plus, there's a cute corgi that lifts. I'd fund that.

Provided Scout and co. meet their funding goal, Sausage Sports Club will be due out in roughly May next year. There's always the possibility of a delay, of course, but until then I'll just happily look at fin GIFs for a while.


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