Who Even Watches Their Overwatch Kill-Cam?

Video: We're back with the second episode of our new weekly video series where — you guessed it! — we hang out and talk about Overwatch. Working title is "Let's Talk Overwatch". We'll probably change that soon. This week I'm joined once more by Cecilia and Nathan to talk about failure, death and all that fun stuff. Do any of us actually watch our kill-cams any more? Am I the only one noticing more lopsided victories and defeats these days? And why are people getting sick of the Sombra ARG?

Those topics and more, discussed. We've been having fun with this show so far so we're going to keep on doing it; it will run weekly.


    The only times I watch kill-cams if I think BS otherwise always skip it

    Devs have stated many times, that kill cam is exceptionally unreliable for accuracy.

    Working title is “Let’s Talk Overwatch”. We’ll probably change that soon.

    How about "Overwatch Watch"?

    I watch kill cam since it is pretty much an in game cheat that people are allowed to use.

    It shows where the player is positioned and also shows how far away their ulti is so you can counter it. It can also show you if they have a teleport as well depending on the timing.

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