Why Can't We All Have Mark Hamill's Joker Delivering Our Voicemail Message?

We all can't be as lucky as Jim Lee, apparently — who, aside from being a famous and extremely talented comics artist, also got Mark Hamill to do his finest Joker bit for Lee's voicemail inbox. It's amazing. Lee shared the brilliant recording Hamill did for his phone on Instagram recently, and it's well worth a listen if you're fond of the manic, cackling tones of Hamill's take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Check it out:

I'd struggle to keep a straight face leaving a message after hearing that, honestly — whether it'd be from laughter or sudden shock at hearing the Joker on the other end of the line.


    Legitimately jealous. Mark Hamill is the best :D

      [Somehow manages to have a voice mail notice by Mel Blanc with the various Looney Tunes fighting over who gets to leave the notice]

        Oh my god YES. Ok that would legit win. Even just Bugs and Daffy arguing XD Now I want to go watch the Ali Baba Bunny skit now.

          [Phone rings]

          Bugs: Neeer, What's up do---

          Daffy: Oh no you don't! Hogging the spot light all the time.

          Bugs: Er, Daff, it's just a phone mess----

          Daffy: I don't care! It's mine you understand?!

          Foghorn: Now see here, duck. I say- I say when ever there is a chance at a little publicity for us, you force you lonesome on us. Beside, this here is my call.

          Silverster: Sufferin' suckertash! What about me?

          Tweety: Ooooh, I tort I tor a---

          Others: DON'T SAY IT!

          Tweety: Geez! What has gotten into you mugs?!

          Porky: I thin- I thin- I thin- er looks like Tweey has been around Mugsy again.

          Tweety: You got a problem with it, tomorrow's breakfast?

          [Door slams on racket.]

          ???: Er hem. Mel Blanc here. The owner of the phone is pre-occupied at the moment. Please leave a message and he or she will be back. That's all caller!

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