Yo-Kai Watch Season Two Premieres With A Special Presentation From Steve Jaws

The second season of Yo-Kai Watch anime kicks off today in the US, introducing viewers to the latest in wearable supernatural tech. And who better to usher in the next generation Yo-Kai Watch than a shark in a turtleneck and jeans? I love the game and the toys, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my previous generation Yo-Kai Watch now that the blue Zero edition is coming. My kids love the show, and not only because one of the characters is a spirit with a farting butt for a face.

Like they needed encouragement.

While Australians can watch the whole first season on Netflix, season two premieres in the US on Disney XD today, with an episode that's all about craving the latest and greatest tech. I'm not saying Steve Jaws is an accurate characterisation of Apple's fallen leader, but I purchased four different iPhones and three iPads before he passed, so shark in a turtleneck and jeans it is.

Mind the fan subs. Assuming the official Engish version won't have those.

Season two, episode one aired in Japan in 2014 as episode 27. Japan is currently awaiting episode 132's debut on August 5. We have a lot of catching up to do.


    cool... wtf is yo-kai watch? ....am i supposed to know this?

    like seriously - is this a thing? did i miss the boat?

    Last edited 02/08/16 9:32 pm

      It's pretty big in Japan so people were insisting that it was going to be the next Pokemon, but it doesn't seem to have really clicked with anyone but kids.

    Hahahaha! Steve Jaws. I love it and I'm a Mac user.

    Seriously, that's the second most accurate depiction about Apple I've seen so far.

    It'd be a bit more tasteful if he wasn't deceased. Then again, this *is* the show with a giant sperm main character and a pedophile dog-guy, so I'm probably just being overly sensitive.

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