You Can Only Hope To Look This Cool Wearing A Pokémon Z-Ring

Destructoid's Chris Carter inspired me to go shopping for one of those fancy Z-Ring bracelets being released with Pokémon Sun and Moon, but after seeing the kids modelling them in the official product shots, I'm not so sure I can pull one off.

Made by Tomy, the Z-Ring accessory features special crystals (most sold separately) corresponding with each of the 18 Pokémon types: Fire, Water, Grass, Smelly, Gassy, Delicious, Fairy, Dragon, Wheat, Medical Professional, Slurpee, Dark, Darker, So Dark, Capricious, Normal, Paramore and Totilo.

Affixing the collectible crystals to your Z-Ring and placing it on your wrists makes you feel like you've got a colourful piece of plastic strapped to your wrist, which is a pretty great feeling.

RIP The Adventures of Fahey. You were silly.

They also let players experience the thrill of Pokémon Sun and Moon's new ultra-powerful Limit Breaks on your arm, vibrating, making noise and glowing to indicate you did a thing. The product listing on Amazon also suggest it can be used for real-life roleplay.

Pictured: Child product model roleplaying being alone in a white room looking badass.

Yeah, don't think I can pull that off. Not sure any of you could either, unless you're secretly a child product model, in which case you shouldn't be reading this as I sometimes use words like fick and shut, only with the vowels reversed.

Of course that will not stop us. When Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive, I expect a full gallery of pictures of older players trying to capture the power of this colourful plastic. And you know I'll go first.


    Perfect gadget for working at the office. This will impress all your/mine collegues .

    Still willing to bet it won't even fit on adult wrists. Learnt my lesson buying an Assassin's Creed toy years ago, silly me assuming an MA15+ game would have stuff aimed at people over 7.

    That little girl should be in a horror movie, she could be terrifying XD

    All I can think of is the Ginger Southpark Episode.

    saw "delicious" as a Pokemon type and thought back to the schoolyard debacle of what people eat in the Pokemon world as they don't have cattle or chickens, just Pokemon

    Zubat: chicken of the caves

    I was thinking more along the lines of how many generations have i missed to not know of these types

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