The Centre Of No Man’s Sky Isn’t As Far Away As You Think

The Centre Of No Man’s Sky Isn’t As Far Away As You Think

Squillions of planets. Endless worlds to explore. That’s been a huge part of the appeal behind No Man’s Sky. You can explore for hours, days, weeks, and seemingly not get much closer to the centre of the universe. That’s the idea some have in their head.

But the reality, it seems, is much different. If you were expecting it would take hundreds of hours before you could investigate the middle of No Man’s Sky, that’s not the case.

Redditor daymeeuhn is someone with a lot of money. He shelled out over $1700 to buy a copy of No Man’s Sky off Ebay. He wanted to play the game before everyone else so it didn’t get spoiled.

Now, he’s revealed a pretty key piece of information — namely how long it took him to get to the centre of the NMS universe. Understandably, some people might not want to know precisely how long that is, so I’m just going to put a spoiler tag and a screenshot here.

Image: Hello Games

According to daymeeuhn, he reached the centre of the NMS galaxy in around 30 to 35 hours. He’s been updating people in the No Man’s Sky subreddit over the last day, adding that he has “every craftable recipe in the game”.

Perhaps the most crucial element was the discovery of an item called “Atlas Stones”. They’re supposedly “dirt simple and free to get” and they sell for an absolute fortune, daymeeuhn said. “Every time you go to a certain place (pretty easy to find) you get one. They sell for a TON of units. I’m talking like ten times more than anything in the game.”

On top of finding an item for a massive profit, the stones also have two free warp fuels nearby — allowing pilots to immediately fly out to another system. The discovery opens up the question: how long would a No Man’s Sky speedrun take? Five hours? 10 hours? Maybe 15.

Either way, it does go some way to answering a question that has been lingering ever since No Man’s Sky first appeared at E3. How long does it actually take to play the game? You can undoubtedly still spend hundreds of hours exploring every planet imaginable, but thanks to daymeeuhn we now have a more realistic idea of what most people’s experiences will actually be like.


  • Is the centre of the Galaxy really the end game? Or is it going to be some joke like the ending of Spore with the SimCity 2000 UFO

    • The center of EACH galaxy has a warp. You’ve read that right .. there is more than 1 galaxy. The center takes you to another galaxy. Have fun, if you can. This game will fail very fast and go F2P within a year.

      • Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. If I had a dollar for every time someone said a game would fail within a week then it turned out to be one of the most successful games of the year, I could fund the development of Elder Scrolls 6 on my own. Don’t talk down on something before anyone has a chance to see or review it. You just look stupid when you’re wrong

  • if you read that subreddit again you’ll find that it’s pretty much a demo copy they’ve been playing on and it was stolen somewhere.

    • What this man has said. There is some serious shade being thrown on this guys version of the game. There are way too many discrepancies to explain it but there is no way this is a ‘retail copy’

      • well well, we found an idiot, the price tag for this game funds for the entire life time, added free updates, it will have no DLC or Microtransactions. and we all know now that the game he got was a demo and will take longer to get to the centre.

  • Was it not that he reached the centre of the galaxy he was in, and that the game is an exploration game to the centre of the universe?

    EDIT: never mind, they state centre of the galaxy not universe on their website.

  • Sure and it can take you 5 hours to finish Skyrim but if you want to actually PLAY Skyrim it takes 100’s. This guy is a &*^%, just another sad person who wants some sort of digital glory no none is going to remember him for in years, well weeks to come. Wish he would just shut the hell up and stop ruining things for everyone else.

      • you are kidding me, I dropped into reddit before just for a look around because I was bored and wanted some prelaunch quality hype time. It was a mess of dodging this and that. In this age it is not about avoiding spoilers, end of.

        Once something like that gets out, then the even sadder idiots on the interweb then start posting spoilers even in places you wouldn’t expect. This guy and his self indulgence is just thoroughly sad. Its nice dude you wanted to pay $$$$ for something a week earlier but his need to share it is just pathetic.

  • I find it funny. He got the game early so he didnt get spoilers. Then spoils it for everyone else. Talk about double standards

  • to my understanding reaching the center of the Galaxy is the ‘beginning’ of the game, reaching the center acts as a warp point to other galaxies

    • If you read it and watch for a few poor choices for wording in this article, it is saying it took him 35 hours to get to th centre of the universe. Not just his starting galaxy.

    • To travel the radius of a galaxy? Yeah, way too short. Should take at least 60,000 years. Now that’s a good length for a game.

    • Don’t play Ark, you’ll hate it. I’ve spent 30 hours taming and levelling just one critter.

  • If you assume that the universe in No Man’s Sky is perfectly spherical, is uniformly distributed your starting position is on the very edge of the universe and that the volume of the universe is 18 Quintillion stars then there should be over 1.6 million stars between you and the centre of the universe. If the No Man Sky Universe flattens out to any extent from a perfect sphere to something closer to reality then the trip will become considerably longer up to over 2 Quintillion stars in a perfectly flat universe. So something is definitely fishy with 35 hours unless the warp distances are huge because even at 1 planet a second you would only hit 126,000 in that time frame.

    • Sorry missed that it was planets not stars which will shorten the trip out depending on the number of planets per star. Our universe has been observed at an average of approximately 1.6 stars/planet so if we round up to two then the numbers above should half.

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