You Need To Win A Competition To Play Zelda At The EB Expo

You Need To Win A Competition To Play Zelda At The EB Expo

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is playable at this year’s EB Expo in Sydney. But you have to win a competition to play it.

The game will be there. At the Expo. You have to pay money to attend the Expo, but only a select few will actually be allowed to play the game.

This news comes after rumours that EB Games would only allow customers — who had purchased four or more Zelda games on their EB World account — to play the game. There was a public outcry at that solution, this could be something of a response to that.

This is something of an issue. The Breath of the Wild demo is 45 minutes long and everyone wants to play. Clearly not everyone attending the Expo will be able to play. There simply aren’t enough units or time to satisfy demand. It seems that both Nintendo and EB Games had to figure out some way to restrict the demo to a select few. This competition appears to be that solution.

It’s unclear how many people will be given the chance to play. According to reports, only 333 people will be able to play the game at the EB Expo. That’s actually a decent sized number and, if that’s the case here, your odds are pretty good if you decide to enter.

The competition is titled ‘How Hyrule Are You?’ You have to prove how big a Zelda fan you are with a video, image or link (no pun intended) which you can upload here. Obviously, you need to purchase an EB Expo ticket to take part.

It sucks that Breath of the Wild access has to be restricted in this way — if you buy a ticket, you’d expect to have the same opportunity as everyone else — but is understandable given the circumstances and limitations of the demo. And a competition is a decent solution. Far better than the earlier, rumoured solution.

You can find out more about the competition here.

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  • This is tantamount to blackmail.

    I had the audacity, the temerity, the cheek, the gall, whatever you want to call it, to actually buy Nintendo stuff in Australia. I know, I’m stuffed before I start.

    Why Aussie retail (games retail at least) seeks to punish me for doing so, is beyond me.

    It’s not unlike Foxtel and how it treats some of its big-ticket items, for mine.

    I have a fondness for Nintendo consoles and Nintendo games, but I have no choice but to do with EB.

    It’s anti-competitive, anti-consumer, and worst of all it will hurt Nintendo and this game as it always has done. I think Nintendo has actually pulled out of Brazil, because of either its economy or how business was being done there. I can absolutely see that happening here. We wouldn’t notice.

    It seems EB has no interest in growing interest in this game, it’s content to simply hog all the mindshare/eyeballs/attention that people in Australia might have had, drain them dry, then go back to flogging pop-vinyls where the Wii Us used to be.

      • Something about pop-vinyls ruining society, which I wholeheartedly agree.

        Shrinking the shelves just to make a space for those little plastic buttplugs.

  • I do believe those rumours were actually true at one point since a similar thing happened before — Awhile back EB Games were given some Wind Walker Ganon statues (Same ones as the HD WW UK collectors editions.) I don’t know how many and I assume were told to distribute it to fans. I was contacted and got given one at my LGS for free I assume they chose me due to my purchase history with Zelda or Nintendo products.

  • Yeah, i got an email about it…i deleted it….
    thats not true. I never delete any of my emails.
    21,874 unread emails and counting, yo!

    • 4 day expo, and if you can convert enough of the winners you’d stand a shot at maybe pulling it off.

      What a story that’d be!

  • Oooh, hopefully they let me play. I’m a big fan of Zelda who is obviously that young Vulcan female character in the picture with the bow.

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