Your First Look At Fallout 4’s Last Big DLC, Nuka World

Your First Look At Fallout 4’s Last Big DLC, Nuka World

Video: Bethesda is taking us on one last wild ride on Tuesday, August 30.

As you may already know, this DLC will let players become evil raiders — and, as it turns out, being morally ambiguous is a total carnival. Literally. There are games and even ride-able roller coasters, like the one below:


Also viewable during the trailer: New power armour, new enemies, more workshop options and more Raider gear. And then there’s this:

Basically, it looks like Bethesda had a lot of fun coming up with the last Fallout 4 DLC, and I can totally get behind that.


  • Compared to previous games FO4 dlc has been utterly underwhelming. Such a shame. Heres hoping the next Fallout we get will be New Vegas 2!!

    • I would say compared to other games like the Witcher 3, Fallout 4 has been utterly underwhelming. W3 offers such a rich lively environment to explore, not to mention highly polished expansion packs (I refuse to call them DLC due to what they offer).

      Bethesda need to take a long hard look at their products and so do their fans. Other companies are doing far better open world games and they need to pull their heads in.

    • New Vegas was made by Obsidian, and Bethesda screwed them over on development time so it released buggy and affected their metacritic score which meant they missed out on a bonus by 1 point, so I don’t think Bethesda will be letting Obsidian upstage them with a better story again and I don’t think Obsidian want work for them again soon ya.

  • Really glad I didn’t get the season pass for this one. Looking forward to grabbing Far Harbor when it’s on sale and leaving the rest alone.

  • Hope there is good gear (1 damage melee weapon woopty-do)… cause after Mechanist and Far Harbour I only upgraded two armor peices and one weapon due to lack of prefix randomisation on most of the good gear. The Robot and Military armor had no stats and didnt drop off legendaries.

  • i now want to badly murder someone with an electrified paddle ball.

    i do love the fact that rides and games actually seem to work,

    personally im really looking forward to this expansion, and think its a shame this will be the last. i frankly want more

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