A Deaf Girl Meets Her Former Bully In A Silent Voice

Video: In upcoming anime movie A Silent Voice, a deaf girl and the boy who bullied her meet again after many years. Premiering in Japanese theatres today, A Silent Voice looks like a beautiful story of isolation, empathy and redemption. Subtitles for the deaf will accompany the film in select Japanese theatres. Check out the latest trailer below:


    Y'know what would be nice? Subtitles.

      I can help, anything to assist the hearing impaired. :D

      Boy: あなたは私を聞くことができないので、それは右ですか?

      Girl: ちょうど彼らがパンと魚を供給見て、見て!

      Teacher: この女の子は、それへの書き込みとメモ帳を見つけ、そのものではありません。

      Boy: :私が子供のようにいじめた理由博覧会の長い作品は、その示しています

      Boy: 私は罪悪感に苦しむように古い私からより多くの博覧会

      Boy: 何を推測する、より多くの博覧会

      Girl: あなたは今ではそれを考え出している必要があります、右か?

      I can keep going, but that pretty much covers the general speech of the video.

      Can I just say, you are an inspiration!!

        I'm assuming that you are joking. You know I meant english, right?

          Google tells me that this is the english version:
          Boy: Because you can not hear me, is it right?
          Girl: just they look supply the bread and fish, look!
          Teacher: This girl, find the writing and notepad to it, does not that thing.
          Boy:: I have a long piece of reason Exposition bullying like a child shows the
          Boy: I'm more of exposition from the old to suffer from the guilt I
          Boy: What a guess, more of the expo
          Girl: You are by now you must have figured it out, right?

    Such a good movie. Hits you right in the feels. Had a hard time understanding what kyouko (the mc) was saying whenever she tried to speak though. No subtitles for those parts.... but it was part of the charm.
    Anyone who's in japan should go out and watch it if they have the chance.

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    I wish that trailer had subtitles, would have been nice having an idea what was going on.

    That said, I'm going to have to hope this gets subbed, looks like an interesting film and one definitely worth watching.

      there's a youtube trailer with English subs. It's what I used

    I read the manga of "A Silent Voice" and it was absolutely beautiful. I'd definitely recommend it.
    And the movie adaptation's animated by KyoAni so you can bet your ass this movie will be stunning.

      Yeah I read this on Crunchyroll a while back and it is definitely the most well-crafted manga I've ever read and I got this weird joy out of reading it, kind of like it made me a better person :s Kyoto Animation always delivers on production value but their writing is all over the place, so it's great to see them adapting such a good story.

    This looks really sweet. Wish I could see it at the cinema.

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