A Newcomer's Take On The Witcher 3

Video: As we've established, many on our staff adore The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We've written a ton of articles about the game, and several of us have played it all the way through more than once. Our EIC Stephen Totilo, however, is still only a little ways into his first playthrough. In the video above, he and I discuss how he's liking the game, the things that are keeping him from liking it more, and whether or not he's going to stick with it. (Spoiler: He is, and we'll probably do another couple of videos like this one.)

As a side note, I had a good time capturing the footage for this video (all from my NG+ playthrough) and… whoops, looks like I'm playing The Witcher 3 again. How did that happen?


    This article has made me want to jump in for a third playthrough. Best story driven open world RPG as of yet IMO. Have lost countless hours inside this masterpiece.

    Cannot wait to see what CDPR come through with for Cyberpunk.

    I've just started TW3. I played through the first two in preparation around a year ago but never got around to starting 3 until around 2 weeks ago. I've gotta say it is truly a fantastic experience so far, I'm only level 5 or 6 but the game has really sucked me in.

    When it comes to single player RPG's I tire of sidequests quickly and generally just focus on the main story quests, but in TW3 even the sidequests have the production value of main story quests which makes them a pleasure to play.

    The ugly armour was a deal breaker for me. I followed a guide to make sure I was always wearing witcher armour. It's important to always look your best!

    And yeah, the loot system is ridiculous.

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