A Newcomer’s Take On The Witcher 3

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Video: As we’ve established, many on our staff adore The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We’ve written a ton of articles about the game, and several of us have played it all the way through more than once. Our EIC Stephen Totilo, however, is still only a little ways into his first playthrough.

In the video above, he and I discuss how he’s liking the game, the things that are keeping him from liking it more, and whether or not he’s going to stick with it. (Spoiler: He is, and we’ll probably do another couple of videos like this one.)

As a side note, I had a good time capturing the footage for this video (all from my NG+ playthrough) and… whoops, looks like I’m playing The Witcher 3 again. How did that happen?


  • This article has made me want to jump in for a third playthrough. Best story driven open world RPG as of yet IMO. Have lost countless hours inside this masterpiece.

    Cannot wait to see what CDPR come through with for Cyberpunk.

  • I’ve just started TW3. I played through the first two in preparation around a year ago but never got around to starting 3 until around 2 weeks ago. I’ve gotta say it is truly a fantastic experience so far, I’m only level 5 or 6 but the game has really sucked me in.

    When it comes to single player RPG’s I tire of sidequests quickly and generally just focus on the main story quests, but in TW3 even the sidequests have the production value of main story quests which makes them a pleasure to play.

  • The ugly armour was a deal breaker for me. I followed a guide to make sure I was always wearing witcher armour. It’s important to always look your best!

    And yeah, the loot system is ridiculous.

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