A Reminder That Civilization 6 Comes Out Next Month

It hasn't been popping up much around these parts, so I figured I'd take a brief moment to remind you all that Civilization 6 is coming out in less than a month. It's also looking, well, quite good.

There's been a steady flow of gameplay trailers being released through the official Youtube channel, with another one popping up this morning with the Sumerians. There isn't anything particularly flashy about the videos themselves, but it's a handy primer into what you can expect on a practical level if you were to fire Civ 6 up this time next month.

Something not included in the video: the Sumerians don't get any warmonger penalties for declaring war on any faction at war with one of their allies. Gilgamesh, the leader of the Sumerians, also gets a 50% discount on leveraging city state military forces. A good friend to have, then.

I'm a little on the fence about Civ this year, all things considered. The series has developed a bit of a reputation for only coming together once one or two expansions have been released, which is a bit of a heartbreaker for people like me who played the first two Civilizations to death (or Alpha Centauri).

And there was Beyond Earth, which has the second worst rating of any game Firaxis has ever published on Steam. Ouch.


    When civ4 came out I forgot to pick the kids up from school............Ive been a little weary of civ games ever since.

    I was incredibly disappointed by beyond earth... it was so barebones at release, it was basically a glorified Mod for Civ V. I decided to not spend another cent on it, and continued to play CivV instead. I am cautiously optimistic about No. 6... I really hope they knock it out of the park, because I love me some civ.

      It looks like this one will have a bunch of things Civ V was actually missing at launch like religions and espionage - though it sounds like some other things like the culture system are going to be a bit more shallow...

      I'm looking forward to it personally, had the same issues as you with Beyond Earth but have spent far too many hours on Civ V so hopefully this one will replace that. If not I might finally finish the massive modded Civ V match I started a long long time ago :P

    Even at launch Civ 5 was one of the best, most addictive games ever made imo. Sure it got better with expansions but I don't think it was a lacking game before that.

      Yeah there was enough new stuff to still be an enjoyable game even without the expansions. Damn I love Civ V. I loved all the CIVs and Alpha Centauri though so... I'm kinda biased :P

    I've heard from knowledgeable peeps on this very website that Civ 5 is actually better (for beginners at least) with the expansions left out. I must try that.

    I gave Civ5 with the expansions activated a solid go a little while back. I did enjoy it but wasn't sure what I was doing after the tutorials and a fair few rounds.

    Maybe I should cut my losses and start afresh with 6.

      If the videos are anything to go by, I feel like you could jump in and play this without playing earlier iterations.

      (I'm banking on this feeling being correct, because I really want to pick this up haha).

      Mega blasphemy I know, but I actually prefer Civilisation Revolution (the 360/ PS3 game) over the PC versions for precisely the reason that they are a little less dense. I wish they’d make another one.

      It’s nice to be able to jump in and play a game in 4ish hours instead of the dozen plus a full game can take.

        That's what I am getting at. It's such a big ask for me to sit down to a handheld game, let alone something like this.

        Once I learn it though, I'll be sure to play it like a snack anyway. Few turns here and there over a stretch.

          Civ V was the first game I actually watched let's play videos for and it made a huge difference. Even just basic tactics and things everyone does by default are not always known to everybody! But yes, you'll have a decent chance to jump in from the get go here as well :)

    I've been following this quite closely and the only thing being left out compared to 5 and it's expansions is the diplomatic victory/world congress. Too be honest though I hated that victory condition and the whole system, so glad it's gone. There's talk about it coming back but they wanted to monitor late game play before adding it in.

    So for one, somewhat annoying part of 5 that it's losing, it's gaining so much more. City States are much more interesting, great people likewise, more options for religion (and victory condition), city planning to add another layer. All in all I think it's shaping up to be a great game at launch and possibly one of the best Civs.

    Worth noting, the lead is Ed Beach who was the man behind the two Civ 5 expansions.

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      Yeah the diplomatic victory was silly. Most of the time it took way too much effort, and was pretty random in how it ended up. It was so much easier and more satisfying to go down the science/cultural route for me.

        Yeah agree completely, i hated defending against it too so most of the time I just disabled that win condition.

          Yeah it was just so blargh. So much money spent buying city states off and just no fun trying to win. Science was pretty much guaranteed at the same point you had an income to get the congress on your side so it was actually more of a struggle to stop myself launching a spaceship than buying half the bloody world XD

    It's a bit silly to be wary of Civ at release because expansions will eventually improve it. I'd say that the /definitive/ Civ5 only came around years after the last expansion when the collection of Mods that are now semi-indispensable were created and perfected. And even today, new exciting things keep happening. Civ is always growing. There's no shame or loss picking it at any point during its growth, even early on.

    That said, I'd probably wait until at least a GoY version comes with all the small non-expansion add-ons that otherwise you'd have to buy individually and that come months within release.

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      I bought Civ V at launch and played the hell out of it for a few months then stopped. First expansion came out and same thing etc etc. I don't mind that you pick up a game you already liked and get to play it again, integrate the new features and keep enjoying it :)

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