A Video Game About Being The Worst Neighbour Ever

A Video Game About Being The Worst Neighbour Ever

And I swear to God it looks like the scariest game ever.

It’s called Hello Neighbour. The high concept: you must sneak into your neighbour’s home and um… do stuff. Your neighbour is an advanced AI that anticipates your every move.

The end result looks a lot like a cross between Alien: Isolation and that scene where Woody and Buzz get stuck in Sid’s house in the first Toy Story. If that’s not a winning combination I don’t know what is.

Hello Neighbour in early stages of its development right now, but you can sign up for the Alpha here.

I am super keen to play this game.


  • Looks pretty interesting, enough to sign up to the mailing list at least.

    And for whatever reason it reminded me of that game with sentient corn… Maize. Haven’t heard anything from that one in a while. Shame, really.

    • We are on an Australia site, which uses the proper British spelling. The game uses the bastardized American spelling – but just because they’re wrong, doesn’t mean we have to be as well!

      • That’s extremely ignorant of you. They’re wrong and you’re right I take it? It’s correct there just as much as it is correct here as it is region based. End of.

  • I have no idea why, but I got a hint of Bioshock from this trailer… maybe it was the editing and the fast, shaky camera movements. I’m intrigued though. I’m guessing its going to be a bit of a sandbox rather than a narrative experience. Maybe procedurally generated houses? Hopefully it has enough ‘objectives’ to keep it interesting.

    Also, those voices at the end? That was a little weird… From what I could tell they said:

    “I kinda want to rat them out a little bit.. just to get them in shit, y’know?”
    “In a way.. like, I know.. I mean [Jen’s married(?)] but I’d get some kinda strange satisfaction out of it”

    I.. don’t know what that was all about…

      • To my ears (assuming I have my headphones on the right ear… which I’m prone to not doing) it sounds like it comes from the left as they enter the room and gets louder as they approach the door. The beginning of the trailer shows the resident hammering the door closed, which makes me think something significant is behind the door… but it’s weird for casual mutterings to be coming from behind a door if the people behind it have been trapped…

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