Interplay Has Put Some Classic Games Up For Sale

According to a NASDAQ newswire, Interplay Entertainment Corp has entered the process to sell its intellectual property and video game assets. Among the properties for sale are Earthworm Jim, MDK, Clay Fighters, and Descent.


    Didn't the guys behind descent recently release a similar game? I thought they tried to get their IP back from interplay but it was a no go.

    Here's hoping this stuff goes to the right people.

      The Descent name is being used by a different group to make a new game called "Descent Underground". Some members of the original Descent team are making an unrelated but very similar game called "Overload".

    Rock'n'roll racing was the best EVER!!!!

      Pretty sure you can get RnR Racing, The Lost Vikings and.... a platform game... can't remember it atm for free off blizzards home page.

        can you explain where, i just installed to see if i could get some classic 3 vikings and R&RR but i can't find it anywhere, on their web site or the battle net client. do i need to go to a specifc section of their store (i would have thought classic games but obviously not)

    The expected sale represents some 70 titles and dozens of characters.
    This could actually be much bigger than the article states
    Giants, messiah and who knows what else could be on offer.

    Bioware needs to buy out MDK.

    This message brought to you by Bioware

    Endless fun on MDK back in the day. MDK2 was good but the levels were too jumpy.
    Also it's Max Dr Kurt people! Not Murder Death Kill. That's right. I said it!

      Yep but it WAS a play on the term MDK which people remember primarily from "Demolition Man" and which they got their inspiration for the title from ;)

    Wha... look at all those games! MDK, Freespace and Descent, and Dark Alliance!

    They published Die by the Sword too!

    Someone buy these and make new ones!

    a new MDK game might be good... the rest meh

    Fallout was there best series.... and its already sold

      I've been waiting for this too, a long time. Sadly might never happen. I think the last title they worked on was the new Killer Instinct? But if it does, I rather hope they base it on the style of the very first game. I loved MDK2, it was very comical and had more dialogue, but nothing beats that shiny raw look with added humour from the first one.

    Did anyone else click the article hoping to see a link to a bunch of Interplay games for sale on GoG?

    I played the shit out of the MDK demo but never got around to playing the full version. Was a cool game back in the day. Would be interested to see something done with the IP.

    so where do I buy these?
    Article kinda sucks for information...

      And should have been titled "Game Properties".

        Im surprised "IP" wasnt used; publishers love mentioning their IPs...

    Would love to see someone make a decent EWJ game considering the type of humor it used in the first two games isn't outdated.

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