Activision Is Granting Early Access To CoD: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer For PS4 Preorders

It's that time of year again, when the reliable Christmas releases of FPS games make warfare seem infinite — just as well the new CoD is suitably named Infinite Warfare. This year, those who preorder the game on PS4 will be granted access to a super special club of people who get to play the multiplayer early.

The PS4 beta starts on October 14th, which is a good half a month before its release date of November 4th, and Activision is committing to at least three days of uptime. If you were serious about your FPS, you might think that's too big a window to miss out on. Then again, if you were serious about your FPS, you'd be playing on PC.

Activision used the word "beta" several times during the announcement, but y'know, it's funny, I don't think it knows what "beta" means. The same goes for a few other game companies I could mention. There'll be about as much server stress testing as a fraction of total players will allow, but let's be honest, ain't much gunna change between then and release.

Here's a more detailed look at the multiplayer, which it showed at CoD XP:

One cool part of the announcement is that PS4 owners of the game will later get the Jackal Assault mode, designed for VR, for free. The mode puts you in the cockpit of the small Jackal jet from the main game.

As for when the beta will start on Xbox One, that's TBA, though Activision pointed out the beta will not be available on PC at all.


    Kinda funny and sad that Sony think it's benefiting from early access CoD stuff....

    Was looking forward to this being my new FPS but fuck that. After the utter joy Ive had with Battlefield 1 I couldnt give a flying fuck about CoD now.

    October 14th? fuck that, I'll be too busy playing CoD4 .

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