All The Hours Kotaku’s Staff Have Wasted On Destiny

All The Hours Kotaku’s Staff Have Wasted On Destiny

A lot of people have spent a lot of time playing Destiny, a video game in which players travel the galaxy watching internet commenters write things like “nobody plays Destiny.” But what about Kotaku’s staff? How much time have we wasted on this terrible, wonderful game?

In honour of tomorrow’s Rise of Iron, I pulled up WastedOnDestiny and plugged in the gamertags for all of Kotaku’s full-time employees. As you might expect, Kirk and I lead the pack, but you’d be surprised how many of us have cracked the 70-80 hour mark.

Let’s take a look:

Stephen Totilo

Jason Schreier

Kirk Hamilton

Patricia Hernandez

Mike Fahey

Heather Alexandra

Luke Plunkett

Nathan Grayson

That’s a total of 2,004 hours, or 83.5 days, collectively spent on Destiny. (Riley, Cecilia, and Ashcraft haven’t played the game.)

Bonus fun fact:


  • Oh, only 828 hours. I was worried I was going to put Kirk’s 1046 to shame.

    526 on my Titan, 159 on my Warlock, 142 on my Hunter.

  • I am up to like 570 hours, if only all games paid for themselves so much. Its my second most played game ever, I just dont think its healthy to think how many hours I put into Everquest II. Five years at least one-four hours a night and two of those years i was off work injured (or semi-injured) so was much more than that, so god knows how extreme that number would be.

  • 847. Plus all the time in the Tower/Reef/sitting in orbit…

    295 Titan Human Female 435h
    273 Hunter Awoken Female 130h
    Deleted 123h
    320 Warlock Awoken Female 102h
    Deleted 54h

  • 851 hours

    397 on main warlock
    150 on secondary warlock (now deleted)
    136 on hunter
    137 on titan

    Haven’t played any of the expansions, only played vanilla.

  • 291 split mainly between a hunter and titan.

    Was pretty into it for a while (about a year i think) but burned out pretty hard. Don’t get much time to play these days and probably would prefer to be doing something more productive anyway (like finishing the witcher 3 haha). But had fun with some good mates for a bit.

  • Played Destiny for 1000 hours
    Saw 20 hours worth of half-baked content.
    Spent 980 hours farming coloured blobs.
    Bought the same guns with different numbers.
    Had them nerfed.

  • 124 hours,
    83 hours on 308 Hunter
    One trophy away from platinum (finish a raid without dying)

    I don’t feel bad at all looking at the incredible amounts of hours some people have put in!

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